5 ways to display holiday cards

Happy December! Mailboxes are beginning to be full of something more than just junk mail…holiday cards! It is that time again when (some of us) are inundated with lovely Christmas cards!

But what do you do with them? Where to put them? The window seal fills up pretty quickly!

No matter if you’re a card-sending person or not, chances are pretty good that you’ll still receive plenty. Or, if like myself, you don’t throw away last year’s ones, bingo! You can start decorating the house with the most dearest old loved ones. (Yes, I have done that).

How can I display greeting cards at home?

There are plenty of ideas that you wouldn’t even think about! Unless you have that outside-the-box thinking required… but that’s why Infarrantly exists, right?

All of these ideas can be used with any other holiday, like Easter or even a birthday, baby shower, etc. and also, depending on how many cards you receive, you might need to use them all!

5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards

1. Chicken Wire Frame

chicken wire frame

Check out this super cute chicken wire frame by Lolly Jane!

It’s a great way to display a large number of holiday cards without it feeling too full. The tutorial is easy to follow, and it’s so cute you might just want to leave it up all year!

2. Display Ladder

Card display ladder

If you have a blanket ladder, add some ribbon and in minutes, voila…you have a perfect way to add some vintage charm to your holiday card display!

This display idea by Tatertots and Jello is a perfect addition for your walls this season.

3. Washi Tape Tree


Here’s a great use for your washy tape collection! Or you can always get this amazing set from Amazon with all sorts of festive patterns.

This adorable and functional tree is easy to assemble, easy to add more cards to, and easy to take down after the holiday season!

4. Twig Tree Card Holder

Christmas wood hanging tree

This one is one of my favorites as I am lately into driftwood art and love the rustic look so much. You can easily, depending on your location, collect sticks yourself in a lovely walk in nature.

Or, as usual, get it online, it is really affordable for just under $12 you can have 100 pieces 10cm long. You can put them together with some macrame cord.

If simple and rustic is your vibe, you can make this twig tree card holder in minutes and if you have twigs, lying around, it could cost you nearly nothing to make.

Visit From Beyond the Picket Fence to see how she pulls it all together

5. Cabinet Door Ribbons

christmas card holder1

Bring the feel of the holidays into your kitchen with this simple yet lovely display idea! It is ridiculously easy!

Depending on how many cards you receive – and how many kitchen cabinets you have – you could display a little or a lot of cards this year!

I love this Handmade Fringe Chiffon Silk Ribbon in three different rustic colors.

How do you display a card on a door?

This is going to depend on the type of door first of all. However, I’d say that, regardless of that, the frame is the best place.

If you can “afford” to leave the door open, then place them hanging around the frame, it looks lovely! If not, then glue them carefully so it doesn’t block the door shutting.

Just place them around the frame using Glue Dots

There are also Christmas Card Holders made for that if you are not feeling that bold.

How do I make a card display shelf?

If you’re good at woodworking, you could try and built one yourself. However, with simple cardboard you can make one as well the cheapest way ever. Look at this Youtube video with the instructions:

What’s your favorite way to display holiday cards?

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