5 Ways to Display Holiday Cards

Happy December! Christmas is just a few weeks away, and mailboxes are beginning to be full of something more than just junk mail…holiday cards! No matter if you’re a card-sending person or not, chances are pretty good that you’ll still receive plenty. But what do you do with them? Here are five festive ways to display your holiday cards this season.


1. Chicken Wire Frame



Check out this super cute chicken wire frame by Lolly Jane! It’s a great way to display a large number of holiday cards without it feeling too full. The tutorial is easy to follow, and it’s so cute you might just want to leave it up all year!

2. Ruler Tree


A folding wood measuring stick is a perfect way to add some vintage charm to your holiday card display! Shaped into a tree, this display idea is a perfect addition for your walls this season.

3. Washi Tape Tree


Here’s a great use for your wash tape collection! This adorable and functional tree is easy to assemble, easy to add more cards to, and easy to take down after the holiday season!

4. Pinup Wreath


This classy wreath idea from Martha Stewart is a great way to inexpensively show off those holiday cards! Check out the simple instructions on her website!

5. Cabinet Door Ribbons


Bring the feel of the holidays into your kitchen with this simple yet lovely display idea! Depending on how many cards you receive – and how many kitchen cabinets you have – you could display a little or a lot of cards this year!

What’s your favorite way to display holiday cards?