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If you spend much time looking at design, lifestyle, and crafty blogs, it’s hard not to notice that this is blog conference season.  I’ve just returned from the amazing CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) tradeshow.  You’ve probably read about other bloggers’ recent trips to Altitude Design Summit.  And it seems like everyone with a blog is getting ready to go to Blissdom.  One of the things that is an absolute must if you are attending an event is a fabulous business card.  In a crowd of crafty, design-savvy bloggers, you want your card to really stand out.    You can create low-cost, custom business cards by using some of the crafty, DIY skills you’ve been blogging about.  Today I’m sharing 5 Ways to DIY Unique Business Cards.

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1.  Dress up a plain card with craft supplies

The truth is, if you are on a budget, there are lots of places to get basic business cards printed for pennies.  But you can totally transform a ho-hum card using supplies you already have on hand, like these from Mint.  All it took was washi tape, a hole punch, and string to create these stunners.

2.  Put a stamp on it

A well-done stamp with your logo on it can definitely add a personalized, crafty look to your business cards.  Papernstitch shows how an oversized stamp creates a big impact look on a little business card.  (If you love this idea, make sure to enter the PSA Essentials giveaway I have going on right now.)

3.  Show off your upcycling skills

C.r.a.f.t. found a way to completely infuse her business cards with her blog’s theme, “creating really awesome free things.”  Not only did she add decorative stitching to simple cards with her sewing machine, but the cards themselves are made from old cereal boxes.  Awesome.

4.  Glam it up with fabric

Like I said, basic business cards are easy to come by, and can be easily glammed up with imaginative treatments.  These Craftaholics Anonymous cards went from ordinary to extraordinary with the stitched on addition of colorful fabric scraps.

5.  Go 3-D

These sweet little cards from Swoon have been the talk of the town on the Alt Design Summit recap posts.   All it took was the addition of a tiny, three-dimensional flag to add texture and visual interest to these simple square cards.  And…judging by all the buzz these cards generated, it totally worked.

So, I’m curious–will you be going to any blogging conferences this year?  Do you have your business cards ready, yet?

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  1. Beckie bookmarking this one, thanks for the really creative ideas. You’ve got me brainstorming, it’s truly tall order to get your business cards one-of-a-kind and speak to your business, these examples are award winners for sure.

  2. I love Linda’s with the fabric! I just can’t imagine stitching a couple hundred of them…I am not as patient! I’ve never had business cards for my blog, but I know I will need some for Haven this summer. I’d love your suggestions if you have a place who designs or prints. I’m thinking that a QR Code and my pic will need to be on there…

  3. I would say only purchase 150 or so. I purchased like 500 and now I want to redesign them. I think a QR code is smart for sure. I used PS Prints. They are pretty affordable.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your blog organizer. I am just starting to get super serious about blogging and I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start. I love that you plan by the project because you nailed that one exactly for us crafty people. After looking at you Best of 2012 photos, I had to laugh because I think I pinned or liked nearly all of them. I also liked your comment about being intentional. That right there tells me loads about the wonderful kind of person you are. Thanks for so much for sharing and continue your great work. God Bless.

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