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Yesterday I showed you how to strip a deck completely of old stain or paint.  It was a tough job but we completed it.  Today I will show you how we stained our deck.  I used Flood® OneCoat Waterproofing Finish in Walnut which is a semi-transparent stain.  It is one of the darker colors but I think it will fade nicely.  I ended up using my Home Right Command Max paint sprayer to distribute the stain and then my husband came behind me and back rolled it with a 3/4” nap roller.

how to stain a deck


One Coat Waterproofing Finish (I used almost 4 gallons for a 400 sq ft. deck)

Nap Roller

Home Right Command Max paint sprayer

nap roller

Scotch Blue paint with film

Make sure your deck dries for a few hours before you apply the One Coat.  The nice part about this project is that you don’t have to wait days after cleaning it to apply it – just a few hours.

I got it tinted to a Walnut shade but you can have them mix it into a lighter or darker shade to match your tastes.

So we taped off our house with the Scotch Blue Tape with film.  Then I sprayed one board at a time making sure to spray the space between the boards as well. Then we backrolled with a nap roller to get a nice even coat.

staining a deck

backrolling stain on the deck

spraying a deck with stain

I would say the deck looked fine after one coat but not perfect.  So we did roll a light finishing coat over it and then it looked wonderful.  I would say it took it about 5-6 hours to do this.

flood one coat walnut

stained deck

before and after deck

So after at least 15 hours of stripping, washing, staining and rolling I waved the white flag.  I turned in my DIY card and hired out painting the rails.  GASP!  I know…you can revoke my DIY license if you want– I’m not worthy.  But my sanity s definitely worth $225. And there comes a time when you have to realize that you can’t do it all.

paint and stained deck

I absolutely love the painted and stained combo on a deck. What a beautiful contrast. I am so super happy with how it turned out and highly recommend the One Coat product if you are considering staining your deck.

flood one coat walnut

stained deck walnut

stained deck one coat

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  1. Oh, my goodness, I love the painted white rails with the dark stain! Now why didn’t I think of that? Our deck desperately needs some major tlc- I hope I can talk hubby into letting me totally copy you! Maybe the hoa police won’t notice…. By the way, I finally posted my Haven pics today, including one I grabbed you for. 🙂

  2. I really like the contrast of the rails and stain too. Looks like something that would look good on our deck as well! Thanks for posting these great tutorials.

  3. This is beautiful and timely! We’re about to do the deck of our new rental – and have no idea what we’re doing! Thanks for the series and help!

  4. I can’t believe you worked on this major of a project in flip flops! I wouldn’t have been able to walk the next day! ha ha The contrast is beautiful.

  5. This is JUST the inspiration I needed to get our deck done myself – while my husband tackles other projects. Thank you and great job!

  6. Did you use two separate Flood products? One to stain and one to waterproof? Or are they one product? We used a Flood solid stain this year, and have been somewhat disappointed in what it looks like after rain – do I need to apply a waterproofing over-top of the solid stain do you suppose?

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