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The sun is out, the weather is warm, the flowers are blooming and my allergies are in full effect. That could only mean one thing – spring is here! I am so totally thrilled to be moving on from winter. Let’s check these Spring Projects 🙂

I get so excited this time of year to open the windows and let fresh air in, to go on bike rides with my kids, and to watch my kids wear themselves out jumping on our trampoline for hours. 

Time to showcase some of my older spring projects that are perfect for the least of the craftiest out there.

5 Easy Spring Tutorials from Infarrantly Creative

I just planted my garden in my raised garden beds yesterday. 

Then hired a landscape designer to help me give the front of my house a little curb appeal. Stay tuned! 

Spring Project 1 – Painted Plates

These painted plates garden art (think Dollar Tree glass plates) would be an awesome way to add a little life and color into your landscaping.

painted plate garden art

Spring Project 2 – Birdseed Wreath

Besides flowers blooming the birds are chirping too.  Give the birds a reason to come visit you with this easy peasy birdseed wreath

Your kids would love to help with this project!  Then watch the birds flock to it.

birdseed wreath

Spring Project 3 – Windproof Picnic Blanket

Time for picnics!  Turn an old quilt or blanket into a windproof picnic blanket with grommets and golf tees. 

No more wind blown blankets or putting shoes on the edges to keep it in place.

windproof picnic blanket

Spring Project 4 – Plastic Bag Holders

Do you, like me, collect old containers? Well then you might have a plethora of the anti-bacterial wipes containers. 

Turn them into a grocery plastic bag holders and pop one in your car, diaper bag, beach bag or trunk.

grocery bag holder from wipes container

Spring Project 5 – Chalk Spray

Let your kids be creative outside. 

Mix up some chalk spray and watch them spray paint your driveway with their creative paintings.

chalk spray

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Happy Spring!

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  1. I love the chalk spray! I have never seen this, usually kids like to play with the chalk on the sidewalk, but I can imagine using a spray. Thank you!

  2. Hey Steph, I’m glad you can use the idea. It’ll definitely save you money too from buying the the ones made for pets.

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