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Looksie what arrived at my door today.  My friends went in together to save on shipping and the magical elves came today.  Welcome Vic, Mason, Jackson, Ann Marie, Paine, and Fairbanks to Indiana!!  Ollie has been waiting for you to arrive and get ready to start the Elfcapades December 11th. It is not as cold as the North Pole so you should find it rather comfortable. Have you ordered your Magic Elf yet?  What?  You haven’t?  What are you waiting for?  Your kids will love it and they still have the discounted 2007 Magic Elf for $20 here. 

Another Great Family Shot by Elf Magic

Find a friend,or six to go in with you to save on shipping.  And join me and Ollie’s Elfcapades starting on the 11th. 

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  1. Okay, this may be a dumb question, but do you return the elves after Christmas? I'm not sure, but I get the impression they do??

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