Beau-Nonni T-Shirt

My kids call my mom Beau-Nonni.  How on earth did she get that name?  Well when my husband and I were dating my mom would always call him my beau-hunk.  So when my he would call on the phone to talk to me, my mom would yell up to me “Beckie, your beau-hunk is on the phone.” After a while Tim called her Beau-Momma.  My mom thought it was hilarious and it just kind of stuck.  When we got married I asked Tim if he was still going to call her Beau-Momma.  And he said, “Yah, what else would I call her?”  So for the last 13 years she has been Beau-Momma.

So when Isaac was born she then became Beau-Nonni.  I finally got the chance to play with the vinyl heat transfer feature on my Silhouette machine. I decided to make a t-shirt for Kayla.  Kayla adores her Beau-Nonni.  The other night when she was beyond tired she cried and just kept saying, “Beau” over and over.  Kayla loves her Beau.45260_458427825498_563665498_6975840_511898_n

We got some black pants to match and made some pink and black korker bows for her curly pigtails. 


Kayla and her Beau-Nonni.  My mom recently moved across the country and now lives just down the road from us.  I am so grateful to have her so close to play a big part in my kid’s life.