My kids call my mom Beau-Nonni.  How on earth did she get that name?  Well when my husband and I were dating my mom would always call him my beau-hunk.  So when my he would call on the phone to talk to me, my mom would yell up to me “Beckie, your beau-hunk is on the phone.” After a while Tim called her Beau-Momma.  My mom thought it was hilarious and it just kind of stuck.  When we got married I asked Tim if he was still going to call her Beau-Momma.  And he said, “Yah, what else would I call her?”  So for the last 13 years she has been Beau-Momma.

So when Isaac was born she then became Beau-Nonni.  I finally got the chance to play with the vinyl heat transfer feature on my Silhouette machine. I decided to make a t-shirt for Kayla.  Kayla adores her Beau-Nonni.  The other night when she was beyond tired she cried and just kept saying, “Beau” over and over.  Kayla loves her Beau.45260_458427825498_563665498_6975840_511898_n

We got some black pants to match and made some pink and black korker bows for her curly pigtails. 


Kayla and her Beau-Nonni.  My mom recently moved across the country and now lives just down the road from us.  I am so grateful to have her so close to play a big part in my kid’s life.


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  1. Such a cute story! And SUPER cute beau baby!!! I bet she makes your mama feel sooooo good!!!

  2. how precious! love that story. I'm "mops" to louie, and I suppose I'll be "mops" to the real grandchildren. 🙂
    So glad your mom is near now! Happy for you all.

  3. ohh shoot! I closed the window too quick.

    just wanted to say thanks for sending your entire post to my reader! so many people don't these days. I appreciate it!

  4. Very cute T shirt! You're so fortunate to have your mom right near by. Mine is about an hour away. (Still close, but closer would be better!)

  5. I love stories behind projects like this. 🙂 Love the tee, and your little one is just precious. Beau-Nonni looks happy to be close by. 🙂

  6. I love the story behind your mother's nickname. Your mother and daughter look so cute together. What a great picture and cute t-shirt to boot!

    The grandkids call my mom "Puppy." There is a story with that one! She signs all cards, Love, Puppy and the kids call her Puppy and nothing else! LOL

  7. A wonderful story! My mom lives about 20 minutes away and Little B LOVES to spend time with Gee (that's how he says Grammy :-D)

    Our moms are so important aren't they? I don't know what I"d do without mine! Thanks for sharing your story and your super cute daughter.

  8. That's really cute! They say grankids are the ones who name the Granparents. My kids call me "Momza", so I hav eno idea how that's gonna sound when my granson starts talking.
    Beau-Nonni is pretty darn cute tho!
    Love the "Puppy" too!

  9. That is so incredible sweet!! I am so glad that your mother had the opportunity to move close to you. I know your children will grow up with such a special bond with her.
    (on a side note… so how do you like the silhoutte machine? is it something you would buy? I am thinking of getting one but haven't made the decision yet. I have to be able to justify the expense so if you could help out with the justification… If I can show my hubby where it would be practical, etc… then?)

  10. So cute! Your little girl is adorable. The shirt turned out so nice. I think I'm going to have to ask Santa Claus for a Silhouette machine for Christmas.

  11. How sweet! I love it. My grandkids call me Ghee. Not sure how it got started. When my girls were younger and had dogs, they said my granddogs ( and they still are lol). They started calling me that to the dogs. So when the grandbabies (without fur) came along, I was Ghee.

  12. What cute story! I bet your mother is glad to be near you guys too.

    ~ The Speckled Dog (craft-business book giveaway on my blog until 9/2)

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