I am currently in Anaheim, California at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) Winter tradeshow. It is a 4-day event with most of the major craft companies in attendance showcasing their new products for the year — Silhouette America being one of them.   I will be showing off their booth soon and they have one new product I think you will want — I know I do!   But for now they are running a sweet promo with a few of us in attendance at the show.   This is the best promo code I have seen Silhouette run on their supplies, period.  You can get 40% off all supplies and  25% off all subscriptions.silhouette

The code is valid: 1/28/12 — 2/3/12

Please note this does not include the Cameos or gift cards.





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  1. Beckie , Thanks for sharing the discount,, with my GC from Christmas and my OT I am going to stock up and buy all the things I have not gotten yet.


  2. When you put it in, it says 20% off, but it actually takes 40% off! I had some items hanging out in my cart, so I placed my order yesterday!

  3. The code says 20% off fabric ink products, but takes 40% off other items (exc. Cameo). I ordered Rhinestones and got 40% off! Thanks….

  4. It takes 40% off of fabric ink items because that’s what I ordered, but I think it’s fixed anyway because the wording was updated on my receipt.

  5. I just found out the hard way that this discount does not apply to the Silhouette on line store for images. Am I the only dumb one that didn’t know that?

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