I just wanted to let you know that Silhouette is having a sale on their Silhouette SD Machine.  If you purchase a monthly online subscription for $9.99 you get the SD machine for $175 if you used the code “IHEARTIC.”  computersilhouette2The monthly online subscription for $9.99 lets you download images from their store.Silhouette125x125I know that Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket.  I can’t think of a better, or more used crafting tool that I have besides by SD machine.  You won’t be sorry you purchased it. 

Also if you use my code please let me know I want to send you a set of cupcake magnets as a thank you!IMG_1622_thumb

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  1. @Anonymous – if you add the Silhouette to your cart and then put in the IHEARTIC code, it will automatically add the subscription card and take off all the discounts. It will all then show up in your cart – the machine and the subscription. I couldn't figure it out at first either but it all showed up once I used the code.

  2. Thank you! I checked it out and the only bummer is you have to commit to pay the $10 monthly for a whole year. I'll have to think about that one.

  3. Thanks for posting that! I'm so excited to get mine! To me the 10$ fee makes up for it, as it goes towards something else other than the machine. I'm gonna be so happy when it comes! Thank you!

  4. I shared your post on my blog TEA PARTY, http://katrinasteaparty.blogspot.com/ I just got my blog up and running but check it out! I used your code for the sale the Monday after Thanksgiving and I love my Silhouette! I also received your little gift, and they are so cute on my fridge to hold up my toddler's artistic masterpieces! Love your blog!

  5. Just used your code. I can't wait to get mine… I have so many projects I wanna make. And now I can stop being jealous of everyone else who has one.

  6. Debkins…send me your address. Happy is Yellow…if you search on my site for bottelcap magnets you can find the tutorial.

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