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About a month ago we launched our Mom’s Time Out group that I lead at my church.  With over 85 ladies in attendance we launched the season with a bang.  Our first topic was “Parties on a Penny.”  I spoke about the power of printables and, of course showcased my new printable designer Louisa from Flipawoo.  I wanted to highlight her vintage airplane party printable for you.

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The thing I love about themed parties is that you can really make them as inexpensive as possible by just going along with the theme.  I made “in flight snack packs” for the kids, which is just an easier way to serve them lunch on the cheap.

Inside the snack pack was homemade PB & J uncrustables, a bag of chips, a napkin and a bag of M&M’s.

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To “seal the box” I used the airplane from the pennant banner in the set and used double sided adhesive to attach it to the box.

airplane party theme (20)

Lemonade served in old Starbucks Frappuccino bottles with a hole punched in the cupcake toppers to accommodate a straw.  I attached a label from the set to the front of the bottles to continue on with the theme.

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Of course I had to make a Paperbag Piñata to go with the airplane theme.  I just cut the circle out from Louisa’s design to use for the front of the piñata.

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Peanuts or Pretzels anyone?  How cute would it be to send your child around mid party saying “peanut or pretzels?”  I just purchased store bought pretzels, almonds and peanuts and added them to Dollar Tree baskets.

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Cupcake toppers punched with a 2” hole punch and stuck with a toothpick into store bought (Shhhh!) cupcakes.

airplane party theme (6)

And what is a party that takes place in 2011 without a pennant banner?

airplane party theme (13)

And lastly I used parts of the thank you cards to make toppers for some cute and inexpensive party favors (A Hershey Nugget, Dum Dum Pop, Life Saver Candy, Candy Corn Topper and a Post-it Note Pad). Thank you Lisa for the idea!



If you want to purchase the Vintage Airplane Printable party set it is 15% off for the next week.  Louisa will customize the set with your party details.


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  2. What a fabulous idea for a meeting, Beckie! I’m going to file that away for next year’s MOPS group. I love that the party does not look “budget” at ALL! So nicely put together without going overboard. Great work!

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