Wine crate art caddy

I love finding news uses for items people normally throw away.  Wood wine crates have endless possibilities for the DIYer.  A little paint or stain and you have a new-to-you organization system.  This month, Destiny from A Place for Us, decided to finally tackle that old wine crate in her garage and turn it into an art caddy for her kiddos.


Every now and then I like to dig through my own treasures and get some projects done that I’ve been meaning to do. You know those yard sale trips and flea market finds that you store in your garage or stuff into your hall closet? I know I’m not alone! Well, I pulled out this cute little wine crate that I purchased for 3.00 and challenged myself to upcycle it for FREE. This means I used items I had around the house. I wanted to turn this wine crate into a centerpiece for our breakfast nook that was also kid friendly.

Wine Crate Craft

So what I did was gave it good ole dusting and a nice paint job using some samples I had out in the garage. Then I added these cute gold labels from the Martha Stewart Line at Staples. I LOVE these labels because they are super easy to use. You just peel and stick them on and label them as needed.

Wine Crate DIY

Then I added these buckets I pick up by the dozen at the dollar spot at Target into the inside. I have a weakness for anything that’s a dollar. HA! Seriously, $20.00 at the dollar store feels like a little bit of Christmas.

After that I pulled out some surplus art supplies that the kids use all the time for drawing and coloring and filled them up.

Organization for art supplies

We love the way it turned out!

Art Supply Storage-03
upcycled wine crate art caddy

Now we have a great place to store all of our supplies and it can easily be put away or taken to another room.

Art Supply Storage
Art Supply Storage-16

Is there something sitting in your closet that you’ve been meaning to makeover or upcycle? Well take it out and get to work!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and don’t forget to join me on Instagram and Facebook ! Would love to meet you!

Don’t have a wine crate to upcycle?  Make a lazy susan art caddy with IKEA Supplies.


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  1. Ah-ha! I’ve finally figured out what I can do with a crate I’ve been hanging on to. I love this!

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