I love this DIY Spring sign with Flowers because it is SO me. All I talk about in winter is Spring. Oh how I miss you Spring projects!

Well, it is officially March and I see the leaves popping up for my daffodils. I get so excited when I see those because it is the first real hope of Spring.

While we have had a mild winter in Ohio, I am known to be a seasonal complainer when winter is around.

But perhaps, most enchanting of all, is the feeling of warmth that spreads through our hearts—a love for the sunshine that ignites a spark of joy within us. It is a love affair with nature itself, a profound connection that reminds us of our place in the grand tapestry of existence.

Spring Decorations Hello Spring Sign


How To Make the Spring Sign

Step 1 – Get It Smooth

If your pallet board is a little rough you might want to sand it with a sanding sponge. The smoother it is, the better the vinyl stencil will adhere to it.

Step 2 – Stain it

Stain the pallet board. Since it is a pine wood, I highly recommend a pre-wood conditioner before your stain.

It helps the stain go on without splotches. Let it dry overnight.

spring sign

Step 3 – The Vinyl

Using a Silhouette machine cut out the file onto vinyl.

Fonts: Ar Bonnie and Bobbie Script.

You will have to have these downloaded onto your computer before you open the file in your Silhouette studio program.

Step 4 – Peel the Letters

Peel away the letters with a stick pin or weeding tool.

vinyl spring sign

Step 5 – Transfer

Using transfer tape, transfer the stencil onto your board.

Burnish all the bubbles out of the stencil and remove the tape.

stenciled spring sign

Step 6 – Prepare

Tape off the rest of the board so it doesn’t catch any overspray from your spray paint.

handmade spring sign

Step 7 – Top Secret

Here is my top secret tip for perfect vinyl stencils. Spray your stencil with a clear sealer.

This seals the stencil and any bleed through that you have will be the clear sealer and not your spray paint.

Once that is dry then go over that with a white primer/spray paint.

Step 8 – Peel Away

Peel away your stencil.

DIY spring sign

Ooops it wasn’t perfect.

To compensate for imperfections give it a quick sand with a sanding sponge.

wood spring sign
sign for spring

Step 9 – The Flowers

Arrange your flowers the way you would like them on your board.

You might have to snip off the stems a little so they lay flat.

sign with faux flowers
faux flowers

Step 10 – Glue them

Hot glue them on your pallet board.

spring sign with flowers

If you plan on hanging it on the wall I highly recommend picking up some 3M Command Adhesive Picture hanging strips.

flowers spring sign

You can also use it to decorate a garden door along with a Spring Wreath.

I love the look of the flowers with the rustic pallet board.

The perfect juxtaposition.

close up of flowers
decorating for spring
spring decorating ideas

For more Spring inspiration click on the pictures below!

carved wood stick garden markers
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