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Last week I showed you the vintage sign I made from an old playpen. I took the bottom of the playpen and made a personalized vintage sign. But there was all those spindles left. I couldn’t throw those away, that is against every fiber in my being.  So I repurposed them into cute little bracelet display stands.

bracelet displays

1/2” dowel rods

Spray primer

spray paint: I used Krylon Peekaboo Blue, Ocean Breeze and Coral Isle

scraps of wood cut into rectangles or squares

Drill press or electric drill with 1/2” paddle bit

Gorilla Glue

Old Knobs

Chop saw

Sander and sand paper

So here is where we began…with an old vintage playpen that I tore apart and got a bunch of spindle or wooden dowels.


1.  Using a chop saw or miter box with saw I cut down some 1’’ x 4’s” to my desired size.  I didn’t measure at all, I just cut varying sizes.


2.  Then sand down the rough edges to make it smooth.

3.  Cut your 1/2” dowel or spindle to your desired size.  Sand edges smooth.

4.  With a drill press or electric drill and a 1/2” paddle bit drill a hole in your wood block in the middle.  Then stick your dowel rod in your drilled hole.  I didn’t glue mine so they could separate from the base and be used for ribbon or other things.


5.  Spray prime the entire piece.


6.  Once dry spray your color of choice over the entire piece.

bracelet organizers

7.  Once dry add a little bit of Gorilla Glue (very sparingly!) to your knob and attach to the top.  Let it sit overnight.

bracelet holder stands

Add your bracelet and display in a prominent place on your dresser or vanity.

bracelet rack holder

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  1. That was a fun clip to watch. Cute bracelet holders. I have a question…what do you mean by submissions? People are submitting ideas to you that they have made…or ideas for you to make? Wondered if I missed something. 🙂

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