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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Now while I am not a huge seasonal decorator; I love thinking outside the box to come up with decor that fits with the season but can also be left out year round.

These lovebirds in a mason jar fit the bill and it is super easy to make. I wish I could find birds that were looking at each other, that would be even cuter.  But they are still snuggled next to each other.

love birds in a mason jar



1.  Cut out a vinyl heart or find a large heart sticker.

Mine was about 4 1/2″ tall.

Place it on the front of the large mouth mason jar.

2.  Spray it with a few light coats of white spray primer and then remove the sticker once dry.

heart mason jar

3.  Snip the birds’ tails in order for them to fit inside the jar.

birds in a ball canning jar

birds in a mason jar

4.  Cut a stick to fit just inside the mason jar.

5.  Hot glue the birds onto the stick.

love birds mason jar

love birds in a canning-jar

6.  Set moss inside the jar at the bottom.

moss in a mason jar

7.  Using a glue dot on each end of the stick, position the birds in the widest part of the jar.

The glue dots will help keep it in place by adhering to the side of the mason jar.

love birds jar

heart mason jar with birds

8.  Using a plate or other round shape, trace your circle.

valentines day mason jar

9.  Use pinking shears to cut it out.

valentines day canning jar

10.  Wrap the fabric on the top of your jar -use a rubber band to hold it in place.

11.  Tie a ribbon around the top.

valentine love birds jar

I also stacked them on some birch slices to make it even cuter.

love birds craft mason jar love birds

valentine's day love birds craft

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