Thank you to those who left gushing compliments on my Roadkill Rescued “Console” Table.  It meant a lot to me to hear your comments.

Recently I introduced you to a kid’s craft company called Total Class Creative. They carry a wide array of kid’s crafting kits to help you get creative with your children.

I used one of their felt baskets to make a Pottery Barn Inspired Treat Tote.IMG_0812

Isaac and I also enjoyed decorating the spaceship for his art supplies.IMG_0678

Well today my son and I worked on a craft project for Halloween.  They sent me the Halloween Ghost Centerpiece.halloween ghost centerpiece 12in

And a couple of their slotted wood ornaments.halloween ghost ornament


halloween short pumpkin ornament packaging

So I cut out some vinyl lettering from my Silhouette machine and made a Subway art ghost with Halloween words in a creepy font that I found at Then Isaac and I “made crafts”.  He loved peeling the sticker off and adding the glitter to the adhesive on the ornaments.  It was a simple craft but so exciting for a 4 year-old boy.IMG_0853IMG_0858IMG_0861 Then I drilled a hole in the ghost’s hand and added the ornaments to his hands. 

I didn’t like that the back wasn’t finished so I Mod Podged some patterned paper on the back.  Now my ghost is reversible.  Then I let Isaac spread Glow-In-the-Dark Mod Podge on the top of it.IMG_0868 It will reside in Isaac’s room.  It is amazing how when Isaac is involved in crafts he has so much ownership and doesn’t want to let it out of his site.

Total Class Creative is offering all Infarrantly Creative readers 25% of their entire purchase.  That is a great deal!  It is time to stock up on crafting kits.  These are great for your kids to make for Christmas gifts or to create a memorable experience with your children.TCC_CouponInfarrantlyCreative-01

In addition to that one lucky Infarrantly Creative reader will win a Halloween Crafting Extravaganza Package.TCCHlwnGiveaway_smIncludes:
felt jack-o-lantern face stickers ($3.99 value) | orange felt basket 8in ($5.99 value, ribbons not included) | orange felt box 10in ($5.99 value) | chipboard fall shapes ($4.99 value) | Halloween cat centerpiece 9in ($4.99 value) | Halloween ghost centerpiece 12in ($5.99 value) | Halloween pumpkin centerpiece 12in ($5.99 value).

For a chance to win do one or all of the following:

1. Visit the Total Class Creative Shop, then come back and tell us which holiday crafting item is your favorite!

2. Join Total Class Creative on facebook and leave a comment here.

3.  Tell me what your kids will be for Halloween or what they were last year (grandkids included).

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  1. Your Halloween ghost center piece is so cute! There were a couple of items I liked – the doll furniture would be great in my doll house (I decorate it for my nieces) and the flower cutouts would be great for items for my daughter.

  2. This year my son is dying to be the emperor from star wars – he is reminding me DAILY so I wont forget. lol. Last year my other kids decided they were too old for Halloween but at the last minute changed their minds so after a quick facepainting they were zombies. too funny.

  3. I loved the little Christmas tree ornaments. We have a family tradition of having Charlie Brown Christmas trees in the kids bedrooms and I think it would be so fun to get to make the ornaments for them!

  4. We are doing Boo at the Zoo so I am thinking a giraffe for my little girl. Last year, she was like two weeks old, so we stuck her in a hallowed out pumpkin for a second and called it dressed up for Halloween!

  5. I'm all about those felt basket kits. OMGosh…I could do a ton of stuff with those. My daughter would have them decorated for every holiday, and some that aren't considered holidays (like…cookie day)…:) LOVE EM!


  6. This year for Halloween, we will be celebrating my little girl's 1 year birthday! She will be dressing up as a bumble bee (so stinkin' cute)!

  7. Love all the transportation kits, the unfinished wooden furniture and the holiday kits! How awesome to have all the materials in one place to make something really special with your little one!

  8. Last year my kids were the following..
    12 year old – throwback Basketball player
    7 year old – pink fairy
    2 year old – train engineer
    this year I have the following requests
    13 year old – not interested
    8 year old – Jessie from Toy Story
    3 year old – robot
    9 month old – either the remote control for the robot or Godzilla

  9. I'm getting ahead of myself here but I really like the christmas center pieces. CUTE!

    Oh, and I had no idea there was glow in the dark mod podge. 😉

  10. Wow!! There are so many wonderful things to choose from. I love all the ornament kits. Anything with glitter is always a big hit in our house. And the dollhouse furniture is perfect as we are just starting to furnish our daughter's dollhouse! 🙂

  11. This year our oldest son will be Harry Potter. Our other 2 are still undecided for this year, but last year they were a fireman and a giraffe!

  12. My lil one is going to be Iron Man. His choice. I prefer he be an elephant or a chicken but he told me "Im 4, Ima man mommy!"

    Ok then!

  13. We are doing a football theme for Halloween this year. My husband the 2 older boys will be football players. I am going to be a football field and my 4 month old will be a football that I can carry in the baby BJorn.

  14. I LOVE the wintertime christmas tree centerpiece! (A lot cleaner than an actual tree, although I still love Christmas trees!)

    xsandyxbeachx AT yahoo DOT com.

  15. Last year my little dude was a basketball (wasn't born yet) and this year he's going as possibly the cutest skeleton ever.

  16. Oh, I just can't decide on a favorite! I love them all 🙂 I guess the winter chipboard kit would be a multi-use item. I could add these to gift tags, Christmas cards, or make ornaments for a mini tree. But I'd also love the felt baskets and the stockings!

  17. This year my son will be a ghost and my daughter will be Elmo, although princess is a back up plan in case it is just too hot for the full furry Elmo costume.

  18. If it were my choice I would go with anything Halloween, but since it's a kid-craft, my daughter would love the dream house.
    lauraastill at hotmail

  19. Such a cute site! I love the winter ornament kits…snowman, tree, star–what a fun party project to do with my kids and their friends!

  20. Adorable! I love the kits!! My kids change their minds almost everyday about what they want to be this year!

  21. My girls will be Dorothy & the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz…my niece will be the lion…my husband will be the tin man…the best of all my brother in law is going to be Todo!!!!!!! I'll wear stripped stockings & be the "witch"

  22. I really like the Ghost Centerpiece. I think I would probably follow your lead and decorate it with Halloween scrapbook paper. That was adorable! I "Liked Total Class Creative" on Facebook. What a cute logo they have. Because my children are adults and grandchildren seem far, far in the future can I tell you what my four year old nieces wore last Halloween? They were Belle and Ariel. Shocking, huh? This year they are planning on being two of Tinkerbell's fairy friends.

  23. My little one was a lion last year, I want him to be baby Harry Potter but the hubs wants superman…will see!

  24. Last year my 5 year old daughter was Luke Skywalker and my 7 month son was Yoda. 🙂 This year my son is going to be Linus, but my girl just can't decide.

  25. They had so many cute things to choose from, but I think I'd go with the transportation craft kit. They would look really cute on a shelf in my son's room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Last year my little guy was a totally adorable vampire and my daughter was Miss America. They're still trying to decide on custumes for this year.

  27. Oh I almost forgot – my daughter is going to be a "costume box" made with all of the old costume pieces from old costumes over the years attached to a "box!"

  28. I loooove there doll houses…though I think you were talking about craft kits….so I would have to say the felt baskets and Christmas ornaments have tied for my favorites!! 🙂

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