Best Gifts for Popcorn Lovers

Yes, I have one of those in my circle of friends, he absolutely loves Popcorn! And he’s the one declaring himself a Popcorn Lover so we’ll have to accept it, right?

We have been gifting Popcorn related staff forever: t-shirts, mini-machines, cards, all sort of different flavored corn… or anything related, even remotely, to this passion of his!

Well, we are tired, to be honest. My sister was moaning about what to get his this year, so I went into detective mode and found these perfect, smart and innovative gifts for him. (Hoping you’re ready for a laugh with an open mind).

What to Gift a Popcorn Lover…?

…when he’s had it all over the years? Hmmm, can’t be that difficult, right? As if this was the only gift we need to sort out! Questions come up like crazy: Is a popcorn machine a good gift? Is popcorn actually a good Christmas gift?

Gift #1:  “You’ve have enough” Popcorn Gift

Get these ugly, overused popcorn socks. You can write a little note in a funny Popcorn, of course, card as well highlighting this is the last time you get a popcorn related gift. As in…you just quit. You’ve had enough.

Gift #2: “Subtlety suggesting a change” Popcorn Gift

These containers are really cool…if you have them at the cinema that is! But… why to have them at home taking space in your cupboards when you can simply use a regular bowl!? (sorry my practical mind talking out loud).

However, I suggest to get them for the Popcorn Lover and fill them with a new thing. Implying it is time for expanding horizons… maybe fill it with these Pocket Brain Teasers (no, I am not being harsh by suggesting to challenge his brain!) or maybe these Pocket Puzzle Word Finds so he can ‘find’ something motivating…

Gift #3: “Sorry, I am as boring as you are” Popcorn Gift

Yes, maybe you are just lazy and unmotivated to even be sharp and creative at this point. I get it. Then go for it. Popcorn is what he loves, right? Then have a few packets and enjoy your Popcorn life!

In my Favorite Gift Ideas that I updated recently, the Amish popcorn maker and this same bags are one of my choices so… (I do love popcorn as well to be honest).



Gift #4: “You know what? You’re right” Popcorn Gift

Ok, in this case you clearly like the person and feel empathy and compassion… He loves Popcorn, bless him. Well, if I can make him happy, why wouldn’t I? We are all one in this world of chaos and illusion… don’t go too Zen though, extremes are not good.

This Original Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn popper promises magic and since there are so many colors, you can always go for the one no one else would go. Just to make sure he doesn’t end up with the same one!


Gift #5:”Did you say you love Popcorn?” Popcorn Gift

Now we’re getting seriously dark and funny again…you hate this bloke and his popcorn addiction, just make no sense to you. Please, go home and pop 8LB of popcorn per week if that makes you happy, man! I’ll keep supplying them so I don’t need to think very much. Thank you for being this easy!

Bonus Gift #: “I care about you, I really Do” Popcorn Gift

When is a bad idea to gift a book? Can you answer that question for me? I don’t think you can. A book is always my favorite option for any ‘theme’ and popcorn has its own market.

This Party Popcorn: 75 Creative Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Snack is a great choice and, at least, he’ll be able to try new stuff with the tons of grains he keeps in that house (Good Lord the state of that… – oh you shut up now!).

Is Healthy To Eat Popcorn Everyday?

Let’s get a bit serious now… Popcorn can be a healthy snack, depending on how it is prepared.

Popcorn is a whole grain food, which means it contains all three parts of the grain: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. This makes it a good source of fiber and other nutrients. It’s also low in calories and fat, and it does not contain any cholesterol or sodium.

However, popcorn can also be high in calories and fat if it is prepared with a lot of added butter or oil. Additionally, many commercially-prepared popcorns are flavored with a lot of salt, sugar, and other additives, which can make them less healthy.

In general, popcorn can be a healthy snack option if it is prepared with minimal added fat and seasonings. That’s the way to go.

What is the healthiest popcorn to eat?

The healthiest popcorn to eat is plain, air-popped popcorn that has not been flavored with any added butter, oil, salt, or other seasonings. AKA Homemade Popcorn.

Air-popped popcorn is a whole grain food that is low in calories and fat, and it does not contain any cholesterol or sodium. It is also a good source of fiber and other nutrients.

Additionally, air-popped popcorn is completely free from additives and artificial ingredients found in many commercially-prepared popcorns.

If you want to add flavor to your popcorn, you can try using herbs, spices, or a small amount of healthy oils like olive oil or coconut oil. Avoid using a lot of butter or other high-fat seasonings, as these can add a lot of calories and unhealthy fats to your popcorn.

I hope you have had a bit of a laugh and I have given some ideas to implement for your Popcorn Lover friend. For more Gift Ideas check out The 5 Senses Gifts or my Favorite things Gift Ideas.

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