Keychain Wallet Tutorial

image Aren’t these adorable?  I had one of these little wallets in college that I kept my license and dining hall pass in and I loved it.  Want to know how to do it?  They make awesome gifts!

This tutorial is compliments of my crafty cousin Lindsay. Love you!17979_246649605498_563665498_4876798_540034_n 1. Cut out one piece of your main fabric and 2 lining fabrics 5” x 6 ¾” (*and 3 pieces of interfacing and iron on wrong sides of your fabric).

2.  Fold 1 of lining pieces in half (along 6 ¾in side) and cut ¾” off folded edge, leaving behind 2 pieces that are 3” x 5”. Also cut out a piece of vinyl 5” x 2 ½” (not pictured).key chain wallet tutorial 004

3. At this point you want to do any embellishments to the front part of wallet (ribbon, appliqué, embroidery, monograms, etc). Make sure to fold piece in half in order to find center of wallet, notice the location of the “B” in the above picture.

4. Next cut 3 pieces of ribbon 5” in length and fold in half and iron down.key chain wallet tutorial 0055.Take the ribbon and sew along 1 of the long edges of the small rectangle pieces and the vinyl piece forming a binding around the edge.key chain wallet tutorial 006key chain wallet tutorial 007

6. Now take the Velcro and cut it down the center so that it is about 3/8” (I could only find 3/4” Velcro and I wanted it to be thinner) and cut it to 5” key chain wallet tutorial 010key chain wallet tutorial 011 7. Sew rough piece of Velcro to the bottom of 1 of the small rectangle pieces (opposite end of ribbon binding) and the soft Velcro to the bottom of the vinyl piece about ¼” up from the raw edge. **This is where it’s helpful to use the tear-away stabilizer because I don’t know about your machine but mine HATED sewing over vinyl so I used a piece under the vinyl as I sewed the top of the Velcro to the vinyl and it sewed smoother** key chain wallet tutorial 012 8. Now take the large lining piece, right side up, and place the smaller rectangle pieces, also right side up, on top of it with the raw bottom edges lining up (**note in the picture the top Velcro piece should be sewn in place but wasn’t–my mistake) Once these are in place, put the vinyl piece on top of the “bottom” rectangle piece and using a basting stitch, secure these soon-to-be pockets to the lining ,  sewing as close to the edge as possible. **Again, use tear-away stabilizer when sewing across the vinyl piece** key chain wallet tutorial 013

9. Next take the main piece and place on top of the lining piece, right sides together and pin in place, making sure the embellished end of the main piece is facing the OPPOSITE end of the vinyl pocket.

10. Now pin in place along all 4 sides and sew a ¼” seam allowance leaving a 2” hole along the side for turning key chain wallet tutorial 014key chain wallet tutorial 015 11. Cut the pointed edges off the corners and very carefully (and quickly so the vinyl doesn’t wrinkle) turn the wallet right side out and iron. Do NOT iron the vinyl but iron under it as best as you can. Iron the raw edges from the hole under to match up with the rest of the seam. key chain wallet tutorial 016 12. Now cut another piece of ribbon about 3 ½ “ (or larger if you prefer a longer loop), fold in half length wise and insert raw edges into the open space left from turning, then top stitch close to the edge along the entire perimeter of the wallet, catching the loop (sew over this spot a few times to secure).key chain wallet tutorial 017 key chain wallet tutorial 021key chain wallet tutorial 020key chain wallet tutorial 023



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