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Yes this might be the easiest project in the history of Infarrantly Creative. I am known for overcomplicating projects and making the supply list 40 things long. Not today.

I have channeled my inner “adorable-but-simple” project self. All you need is a few supplies and a heat gun to make these bookends for that hard-to-buy-for hipster brother of yours.

And records are so cheap you can make a truckload of them. So this is how you make vinyl record bookends.

vinyl records bookends



How To Make Vinyl Record Bookends in 5 min

1. Take two pieces of wood and two clamps and clamp the record sandwiched in between the wood.

If you have a bolt and wing nut that would work too, rather than clamps.

I clamp mine just below the record sticker.


2. Next heat your heat gun up to 800 degrees. I also added the metal tip (that comes in the box) to the top to focus the heat where I want it.



3. Next pass the heat gun back and forth quickly over the area you want to bend closest to the wood about 12-15 times.


4. When it starts to bend then turn off your gun and remove your clamps and bend it to a 90 degree angle.

You can use your wood pieces to form it.



5. Let it cool for about 2 minutes and you are done. Easy peasy mac and cheesy.

bookends-made-from-records (2)

Grab your books or vinyl record collection and set them in place.

vinyl-record-bookends (2)



Disclaimer: This project is done on behalf of Home Right. All opinions and record ruining ideas are my own.

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this. As a musical purist, I am deeply conflicted. I guess it depends on the vinyl. Have you ever done any crazy braiding?

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