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My friend Heidi from Honeybear Lane lost her precious sister-in-law this past Tuesday.  One of the most amazing and proudest moments I have as a blogger is when one of our own are hurting and we all rally together to pitch in.  Now is your chance to grab a towel and help out a precious family in need.

On this mother’s day when you get to hold your babies and be reminded of the blessing of motherhood there is one mother who doesn’t get to hold her baby today.  Her name is Alice and here is what Heidi writes…

The loss of a loved one is a strange surreal reality. Life is completely normal except for one large, gaping hole. Each day the pain seems to become more real and defined as the actuality of what has happened sinks in. Heidi of Honeybear Lane, lost her sister-in-law, Alice Hansen, this week to complications following the birth of her third baby. She fought a hard fight to stay on this earth with her husband and three little children who love her dearly. Her husband, Heidi’s brother, was left behind to take care of their two little boys and newborn daughter.

Heidi’s family opened a donation account for Alice and her family. This money will go towards funeral costs, residual medical expenses, and the costs of raising children without a mother or a job. Her brother is going through a very difficult thing and while nothing can replace the ache of losing his sweetheart, any sort of donation will help to ease the burdens a little. If you would like to donate money directly, please visit Heidi’s blog Honeybear Lane.

In memory of Alice, Lara from Less Cake, More Frosting made some printables. These printables represent the music that Alice made in her life–being a PhD in music. In addition to being a wonderful wife and mother, she was a very gifted pianist who traveled the world before getting married and having children. She shared that passion with her husband, also a pianist. Music brought them together.

Music was her passion. But her family was her life. She figuratively and literally gave her life for her children.

Message from Heidi: From the bottom of our grief-stricken hearts: Thank you.

Click here to donate.

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  1. My heart goes out to the family of Alice but even more so to Alice. As the mother to a 2 month old boy, I can’t imagine not being able to snuggle him every single day. I am glad that I was able to make a donation & I hope that the family will not have to worry about finances in this already tragic time.

  2. i cannot get to a place to donate any funds , i keep getting a message from pay pal to go back to this site.?
    I would love to help this family, my heart goes out to them .

  3. For some reason the PayPal donation button is not working. Please let me know if there is an email address or another way to help this family.

  4. Such sad news, my heart breaks for their entire family.
    I donated to the fund via PayPal, I hope more people can help, imagine if every person that follows your blog donated $5, $10, $25 or even more!

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