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The last two days the focus has been on a quote “Believe there is good in the world,” but a major emphasis on “be the good.”  Well today I am giving you a chance to Be the Good in this world with an awesome initiative that our family is embracing for this Easter holiday.  Let me tell you about this passion project!


I love people who are passionate.  People who are driven out of burning desire to see the world around them changed because they are in it.  My friend Amy is one of those passionate people and one of my closest friends.  I met Amy and Ryan six years ago at church.  Our families became fast friends and we lived life together, learned from each other, supported one another, and even at times, forgave each other.  Fast forward 6 years and they have welcomed 2 amazing boys into this world and recently brought home Tucker, their adopted son from China.


Hands down Amy is the most generous person I have ever met in my entire life.  The way she gives to others literally blows me away. I want to be like Amy when I grow up…seriously. I am partnering with her on an awesome project she has undertaken.  Will you consider partnering too?

This Easter thousands of you will go to church somewhere.  Normally you might purchase matching Easter outfits.  Will you consider doing something mildly radical and purchasing and wearing a “Change Starts with One” t-shirt instead in order to be the good in the world? (Pssst…your family can still match! – kids sizes are available)




All the profits from the sale of these shirts will go to one of 5 organizations.  You can read about each of the organizations and choose which one you would like your money to go to. The organizations address world needs such as: medically fragile orphans in China, sex slavery, members of the US military, people in need of clean drinking water, and orphans in Guatemala.

Can you imagine the difference that we can make as a collective group by doing this?  Will you be different this year in order to make the lives of someone else around the world different?  Will you be the good in this world?

Click here to purchase your shirts and use the hashtag #changestartswithone on social media.  We want to see your sweet family dressed to the nines in these t-shirts.  Also if you do decide to join us will you consider sharing this post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #changestartswithone?

Let’s start a movement!  Let’s be the good!

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