Stickered Two-Tiered Table

My saga began with this awesome two-tiered table I scammed off my mom.  I loved the shape and size of it.  IMG_1800

After some Behr Black Suede paint it looked like this…(click here if you want a play by play of the reupholstery project on those wingback chairs).Focal Point

Then I tried to decorate it and it looked AWFUL! DSC05491

So I have been going back and forth regarding how to accessorize it.  One level stresses me out..two levels make me cry.

So I reworked it and it came out looking like this


I was still struggling with the bottom tier.  A bunch of you suggested maybe a design on the bottom tier might help alleviate the need for decorations.

I was scared of trying a stencil.  So I decided to try using vinyl stickers.  I used a design from my Silhouette machine and then had it cut out the stickers.  I pulled off the excess vinyl and all that is left is the damask design.IMG_0837IMG_0838After that I used the transfer paper to remove the vinyl damask cut outs. IMG_0840IMG_0841 Then I place the vinyl where I want it and then burnish it down and then slowly pull back the transfer paper.IMG_0842IMG_0844 IMG_0845  I can remove them anytime I want, they are easy to apply, and they add a little flair.IMG_0930IMG_0875

IMG_0998 I know…still working on that cord!  More on that soon.IMG_0997

I think just some pretty silvered mirror coasters on the lower level for functionality would do it.  I am still totally and utterly in love with my “new” chairs.