I saw this fantastic laundry sign in my latest Ballard Designs catalog.   For a mere $129 you too can have this laundry definition giglee print.…


Or you can make your own!


I actually had all the supplies on hand except the screws for the crystal knobs.   So I spent $1.12 total for this fabulous wall art.

I had a piece of 1” thick wood in my garage that I cut with a table saw to a 24” x 24” size.   Lowes carries a 2’ x 4’ piece of MDF for $10.   Have them cut it in a half and you can make two.

I primered and painted it.   I received some free Glidden paint a while ago when they were having a promotion.   The color I chose was Smoky Charcoal.   I mixed it with some Behr Pearlescent medium so that it would look shiny and silver.



I put a light coat on it so that some of the primer would show through and it would give it a vintage feel.

I designed the words in my Silhouette program using a simple Times New Roman font and then cut out the white vinyl with my Silhouette machine. But if you don’t have a Silhouette machine you can purchase the vinyl here.  Then I did a whole lot of cutting, peeling, sticking, and then peeling again.


The hardest part is trying to line up the letters perfectly.   I had to re-cut a few until I was pleased with the layout. Since I did my math wrong there was space at the bottom of the sign. I thought it would be cute to add some crystal knobs so I left some space at the bottom. 🙂


The screws I had were too short so I ran to Ace Hardware and grabbed some longer ones.


Now I can hang my…ahem…stuff there to dry.   That was my plan all along 😉


Using some small screws and wire I created a hanger on the back.


I used some hardware (that will hang up to 50 lbs) and screwed it into the wall and hung it in place.



In the catalog they also show these adorable safety pins.   I was going to buy them (I didn’t think $35 was too bad for the three of them) but they are not available until November 21st.   Ugh!   I must figure out how to recreate them.   I certainly can’t wait until then.


So what do you think?   Do you love the trend of wording and definitions on art pieces? Or are you OVER it?


 To order the vinyl and make your own sign check out Say it on the Wall.

Here are some more laundry room DIY’s.

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  1. Wow, I really need a Silhouette! I really love this, and yours is better because it has the fabulous knobs…

  2. Okay, you mentioned doing a lot of cutting… What exactly did you cut? I know I am pestering EVERYONE I know who has a Silhouette… Hubby is convinced but I still need a bit more convincing.. (don't ask, ha ha!!)

    The love the sign!! We have a student of French this year so I am thinking of making signs in French to help him remember… I may even due German for our eldest but I am not sure he would be as appreciative!

  3. I love words and numbers, so, NO I'm not over it. 🙂
    I love how your sign turned out. Ohhh if ONLY I had a silhouette! woe is me… 🙁
    great job beckie!

  4. So fun Beckie! It turned out great. And I love the sparkly knobs at the bottom!


  5. This is darling! Love it!! And uhm, yeah, I know all about not measuring perfectly. . . LOL Gotta come by and see my fall harvest vinyl stencil sign. 🙂

  6. totally not over it – I'm all about words & definitions, maps, scripture on the walls, etc. This is a great replica and now I'm also wondering how to make those safety pins – cool!

  7. Very cute…now too bad you moved your laundry room upstairs in your master so nobody can see this beautiful sign (except me of course who wanders wherever I feel like it).

    I KNOW you will find a way to replicate those safety pins, I have faith in you 🙂

  8. Definitely am loving this especially with your hardware–makes it infinitely more personal, esp for those "special" items. 🙂 Great job!!

  9. I love it! I can't wait to see how you make your safety pins! I think it is perfect for a laundry room!

  10. Oh my, your's is so adorable! When I get a laundry room, I'm so doing this! I'm with ya, the pins aren't outrageous and they add a lot. Go for it!

  11. this looks totally great, and i am seriously jealous of your silhouttin' ways. but could you let me know, do you really have to do letter by letter? or can you print the whole word out at once and then rub that on? sorry, i am totally unschooled in this!

  12. I was thinking of making this sign too! I love the sign but not the color. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I only have an expression machine, so it will take me longer to make than the Silhouette you used.. darn it, they have to come up with one for us Mac users. Thanks for the inspiration, yours turned out looking just like Ballard's, great job.

  13. Ha ha ha, don't you just LOVE outsmarting pricey retail design!! You are so smart!

  14. So cute! What a great project! I really need to get hip to the Ballard Designs stuff, never heard of it until I started blogging.

  15. I think you did a great job!

    Couldn't you make those safety pins out of vinyl from your silhouette???!! I think that would be so cute!

  16. I really love the way yours turned out. The knobs at the bottom are the perfect touch! Well done.

  17. Was just reading my Ballard catalog the other day and ear marked that page. Your sign looks good-some people have taken the vinyl lettering too far and done some overlettering, but I do like this piece. I also love those pins and also thought $35 wasn't too bad.

  18. This is really nice!!! You really made me drooling to get a Silhoutte!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. this might be my fave of your recent projects- sooo cute! love the colors and designs. way to go ballard for offering up great inspiration, and way to go beckie for recreating it beautifully!

  20. this might be my fave of your recent projects- sooo cute! love the colors and designs. way to go ballard for offering up great inspiration, and way to go beckie for recreating it beautifully!

  21. this might be my fave of your recent projects- sooo cute! love the colors and designs. way to go ballard for offering up great inspiration, and way to go beckie for recreating it beautifully!

  22. Can you come and be my neighbor? lol I love it…You creative little cutie pie! Hugs, Meme

  23. I saw these last week as well and know how to do the sign but have been racking my brain about the pins. I will let you know if I can figure something out.
    Awesome job on the sign! Silhouette is on my wishlist for Christmas!

  24. Yours looks amazing and I love the crystal "ahem" knobs. The color is perfect in your laundry room and I LOVE the Ballard safety pins. I think that giant cut out wooden clothes pins -sideways view – the old fashion kind – would work well too.

  25. I love this! It will definitely be on my To Do List. I've got to get one of those Silhouettes! Now to convince the husband 😉

  26. I love your laundry picture. I particularily enjoy the fact that you can change things up to make it yours (by putting the cute knobs on it?) However, instead of shelling out hundreds on those pins, why not get the giant clothes pins? Someone (was it you?) made them… You could take the idea, make three and place them similarily to the pins, but you would be making the arrangement "yours" instead of Ballards… that way, no one would ever walk in and say, "Gee, I see you spent a lot of money."

  27. Personally, I have never really understood the whole words-as-art trend, BUT I think think you did a fantastic job at recreating a pricey piece. I think the knobs really make it.

  28. love it, love it, love it! the safety pins are just going to be a must! they are just too wonderful!

  29. LOVE IT! I have been drooling over the new Ballard catalog myself. I HAVE to get the silhouette! Looks just like the cataglog. Love the glass knobs!

  30. This is amazing. I am currently working on my basement/laundry room. This would be a great addition.

    Now I just need a Silhouette!

  31. I also think you should give the safety pins a whirl on the vinyl machine and see how they look. I saw some vinyl chandelier decals for sale on etsy and they look pretty cool.

  32. I love this, I have put the dictionary definitions on my laundry room doors. Here:

    I do not have a Silhouette so it cost a small fortune to have these made for four doors (the fourth door, is "pantry"). My daughter would love one of these…thanks for sharing!

  33. Really well done! I love the knobs on the bottom too. If you figure out how to make those awesome safety pins, let me know, LOL!

  34. Very cute!! I just saw that sign last night when I was paging through the magazine! Nice job and I love the knobs on the bottom! It makes it your own! 🙂

  35. I LOVE words on boards … I don't know why, but it seems to personalize everything so much.

    Great job on your copycat…yours looks better than the Ballard one! And I love the safety pins too, what a fun looking laundry room you'll have!

  36. Love this! I saw it in the catalog last month and it really caught my eye. I like what you've done. I have featured you in our Spotlight Sunday today.


  37. I'm visiting from CSI. I like this sign and will probably make one too! Thank you for haring!
    Happy Fall!

  38. I don’t know which I like better: your projects or the way you are so candid about your execution of them. (the bra hanging off the “preplanned” knobs is hysterical too. 🙂

  39. Never even heard of Subway art until recently (tater tots and jello website that I found from another website) and am intrigued. I love that you saved a ton of money and made something better than the original! Don’t have a cricut or a silhouette yet but this is going on my “someday maybe list of things to try.

  40. I’m confused. When you said “I did a whole lot of cutting, peeling, sticking, and then peeling again”, did you make a stencil with the Cameo and then pain the lettering or did you stick the vinyl lettering on the board?

    SO glad I found this! I wanted one of those Ballard Design signs, but I wasn’t about to spend $129 on it.

  41. I put the vinyl lettering on the board for this sign, but your could definitely create a stencil with contact paper and paint it.

  42. And at the time I made this sign, I didn’t know I could cut the entire thing out at a time so I did each individually. But now I realize I can just cut the entire sticker out at once. Hence the “whole lot of cutting, peeling, sticking, and then peeling again.” 😉

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