mail and file organizer

Today I am bringing you an easy peasy wood project that you can probably make from your scrap pile, provided you amass the scraps that I do.  I ended up using some rustic shelving board because I adored the wood grain and had some leftover from my mudroom lockers. However, stock lumber can be used as well.  The organization this gives me for my mail, keys, checks and file folders is perfect for our family.  I originally saw one like this in Target for $39.99 back in September.  The problem was the two slots to the left weren’t wide enough for business sized envelopes and I wanted to store bills and checks that needed to be cashed in that area.  So I decided to tweak the measurements a bit to fit my needs.



1 x 3 x 4’

1 x 4 x 2’

1 x 8

scrap board at least 12” x 24”

pre-stain wood conditioner

stain (I used Special Walnut by Minwax)

Minwax finishing paste or Polycrylic

wood glue

single robe hooks (4)

library label plates

wood glue

keyhole hangars

Tools Needed:

tape measure

chop saw

nail gun


1.  Cut your measurements as shown.  I would recommend cutting your 12” x 24” piece after you assemble everything just in case it isn’t exactly 24” wide.

DIY mail organizer

2.  Start by assembling the two boxes to the left.  Wood glue and then air nail them together.

key and mail organizer
key mail organizer

3.  Next attach those to the left side of the file folder section.  Align the bottom shelf with the bottom edge and the top shelf with the top edge.  Glue and air nail in place.

mail organizer

This is what the back looks like.

wood mail organizer

4.  Finish putting together the file folder section with glue and wood nails.

hanging file folder mail

5.  At this point , stained all my pieces. It makes it way easier than doing it after it is all completely nailed together.  I used pre-stain conditioner (so it isn’t splotchy) to give even tone to my stain (Special Walnut by Minwax), and then finished it off with some Minwax Finishing paste, allowing sufficient time to dry between each of them.

stained wood mail organizer
stained wood wall organizer

6.  After everything was dry, I glued the entire thing onto my 12” x 24” piece.  Then nail it from the back.

wall wood mail organizer

7.  Add single robe hooks and label holders to the front.

wall key hooks
label holders

8.  Add the keyhole hangers to the back.

wall organizer for mail keys

This is so dual functioning.  It serves as a place for mail, keys and important files, coupons, bills, checks, etc.  And it can all me made with scrap lumber or stock lumber at Lowes.

woden mail organizer
Wall Mail Organizer

Disclaimer:  This project was sponsored by Lowes as a part of being a Lowes Creative Ideas blogger.  For more inspiring ideas check out the Lowes creative ideas app on your iPhone or iPad or order a magazine to be sent to your house.


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  1. I love the stain you chose for this! It’s beautiful! I’ve always liked the idea of a mail organizer, somewhere to keep everything, but somehow our mail ‘system’ is pretty good, and things get processed within a day or two – it may not be perfect, but I know things would be forgotten hanging on the wall instead of on our desks!

  2. Just awesome! I was looking to purchase something for our new place, now I think I will make this. It’s perfect, just what I wanted. Thanks!

  3. I have been looking at this on targets website but couldn’t pay $40 for it. I searched pinterest for some diy ideas and came across yours. Great job! I’m going to be making this for my new mudroom!

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