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Apparently I am not the only one with flowers on the brain!  I am telling you February is the month when we crave the freshness of Spring and what better way than to bring flowers in.  Destiny is back sharing a silk flower arrangement that can live all year long.

Silk Flower Arrangements

Hello Friends! It’s Destiny from A Place for Us and I’m back today sharing with you an easy Spring floral arrangement that you can definitely make yourself. The weather here in Phoenix is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been in the mood for some peachy, orangey, coral colors (remember my last project ;), so I put together this little arrangement using some store bought silk flowers and a thrifted vase from Goodwill. Now to me, flower arranging is SO relaxing and therapeutic. If you allow it to, it just takes you to another world for a little bit. If you take your time and have fun with it, I’m sure it can give you some stress releasing, feel good energy as well.

Your going to need a few different things to make your arrangement. Keep in mind that mine is temporary, so I don’t use any glue. That way if I feel like adding more flowers or subtracting some, I will be able to do that with ease. If you’re wanting to make this a permanent thing, then I suggest you use hot glue to hold your flowers in!


Any size vase

A combination of flowers (3 large flowers, 10-12 medium flowers and 3-5 smaller flowers) If your recreating mine then find them all in the same color family, from light to dark. It’s also ok to get different types of flowers such as roses and hydrangeas! Or you can mix them up as you please. I picked up my flowers from Michaels.

Wire clippers for silk flowers (any craft store)

green floral foam

serrated knife for cutting foam

Optional (Greenery for fill and a hot glue gun)

First thing your going to want to do is pick out your vase and stuff it with the green floral foam. Stuff it in nice and tight so that all the open areas of the vase are filled. You can also hot glue for extra security.

Floral Arrangment How To

Next take your largest flowers and begin to place them around the arrangement. At this point you should have an idea of how you want your arrangement shape to be. The one I made is round. But feel free to experiment with other shapes or even something asymmetrical. Note: Round is the easiest if you’re a beginner!

Spring Floral Arrangement

Next begin to cut your medium flowers and place them in between the gaps of the larger flowers. If your wondering how short you should cut them a good rule of thumb is half the size of the vase.

Spring Silk Flower Arranging

Once you finish that take a moment to step back and look at your arrangement. Ask yourself is it the shape I want? Are the colors too clumped together? Are there too many spaces? If so then fix those problems and take a sip of lemonade and keep creating.

Coral Floral Arrangement

Once you have most of the gaps filled with the medium flowers, start to fill the remaining gaps with your smaller flowers or foliage. I like to stick my greenery towards the bottom to give it a more “bouquet” feeling.

Coral Flowers

Then end result should be something beautiful and refreshing. I sat my arrangement out on the patio. I plan on adding some of these colors to the front yard as it continues to warm up! So have you’ve tried flower arranging before? Was it an epic fail or something beautiful?

Outdoor Flower Arrangments

Coral Flowers on the Patio

Remember to check out my other arrangement and you can even get a little peak of my patio that I restyled a couple of years ago!

Thanks friends and remember you can catch up with me EVERYDAY over on Instagram.


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  1. Those are some high quality silk flowers! They look very real. This is beautifully done and makes me long for spring and miss Arizona weather (winter, not summer).

  2. This is so beautiful! I’ve often wondered how to create such pretty arrangements & this makes it seem a little more do-able! 🙂 One question – do you have any tips on where to find the nicest silk flowers? Some of the ones I’ve seen locally haven’t been too pretty and they look so fake! The ones you used are beautiful! Thank you!

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