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Hi Infarrantly Creative readers! It’s Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs and I’m back to share an easy way to customize a table top by adding wood tiling. I used some driftwood from the beach to give it a reclaimed and upcycled look.  Adding wood instantly adds texture and warmth to contrast the shine of the metal. I love it!!

driftwood gold wire table
I used driftwood left over from our herringbone driftwood table, but for something a lot less involved, try thin hobby board.



1/4 MDF
Wood strips
Wood glue
Brass edging
Brass screws
Table base
Jigsaw with metal and slow cut wood blades

The other weekend I picked up this gold metal accent table from Target.
brass wire side table
Amazing as is, but what if we made a removable top so that it could either be metal OR wood!? That way if/when I change my mind, I can swap the top. Perfect!
Our original plan was to leave the metal top intact, but since we couldn’t find brass trim wide enough to cover the wood and the metal top, we decided to to make a removable top to make them interchangeable.
Here’s how we did it!
creating a wood top side table
We traced the tabletop on a piece of MDF. **Note: If you would like your top to fit over the existing top without removing it, make sure that it is slightly bigger so that it will fit.
driftwood table top
Next, cut your wood into thin strips (varying lengths works well), or use precut, strips of hobby board (Home Depot has a good selection).
Start at one end of your board, if your top is a circle, make sure that the wood goes slightly over the edge so you have a little wiggle room.
Alternate the number used in each row to give a more staggered appearance. Apply wood glue on the bottom of all sides that touch, so that there is a strong bond.
creating a wood tabletop
Let the wood glue dry overnight. Retrace your table top. If you tracing it from underneath, make sure to carefully check that the wood is lined up on the other side.
Use a jigsaw blade designed for slow cutting for extra control to cut out the top.
circle wood side table
We liked the slightly uneven top, but feel free to sand down any imperfections too.
measuring side table

Next, we moved onto the edging. We picked up 2 – 1″ x 36″ bendable brass strips from Ace Hardware. Since we needed about 47″, we cut two 23.5″ strips using a jigsaw blade designed to cut metal.

brass trimmed table top

We measured and countersunk a few holes, so that the screws would sit flush once attached to the top.

wood topped table

Next we predrilled holes in the wood top to avoid the wood splitting when the screws were attached.

drfitwood tabletop

We used small brass screws to secure the trim, leaving an overhang so that it wouldn’t slide once on the base.

recycled wood tabletop
reclaimed wood tabletop

We guided the trim along the edge and secured the remaining screws, using three per side, six total for both pieces of trim.

wood and metal side table

Since the 1″ trim wouldn’t cover both the original top and the new top, we decided to remove the top by cutting the welds with the dremel.

sealing driftwood table top

Finally, we sealed the top with a few coats of polyurethane.

wood topped metal side table

and that’s it!


I LOVE the variety of wood grain!

I’m crazy about our new custom side table! It’s a great mix of rustic and glam. I also LOVE the price. I picked up the side table for $17.99, it was mismarked on the display, so my Target honored the price. The brass edging was $15 for two pieces and the rest of the materials, I had on hand! One of the advantages to having multiple projects going on at the same time 🙂

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  1. Beautiful and easy fix! The wooden pieces add a touch of rustic charm to the table. The final picture looks amazing.

  2. It is classy innovation I think. Seriously wonderful stuff. You have made the table delightful like never before. That kind of table top ideas always inspired you to make your table innovative and adorable.

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