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ifc2Welcome to Day 3 of the Pennywise Presents series. Today’s blogger is Julie from Joy’s Hope.  Enjoy the anticipation of a special event or holiday with this chalkboard Days Until sign.

Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

I love chalkboards.

I love the anticipation of upcoming events and holidays.

I love powertools.

What if they all got married and had a baby?

What would that baby look like?


A Days Until sign, of course.

Perfect for you.  Perfect for gift exchanges.  Perfect for the hard to buy for people on your list.

The best part?

You, yes you, my friend are going to make them.

Are you ready?


1x6x8 pine board (for the hang on the wall version)


2x6x8 pine board (for the sit on a shelf version)

White primer

Black spray paint

Black paint

Black chalkboard paint

Foam paintbrushes

Days Until vinyl letters (mine are from Back 40 Life)

Chop saw

Electric sander with rough grit sand paper

Two sawtooth hangers for the hanging version

Chalk pens


*For each board you buy, you will be able to make three signs.  The paint will last you about 10 signs per spray can, so buy accordingly.


Ready to get started?

Cut your boards in to 30 inch pieces.  A bit will be left over from each 8 ft. board.

{If you don’t have access to a chop saw, I suggest being really, really nice to your friendly lumberyard employee.  Some sweet words and patience always seems to get me an extra cut or two from my favorite friends at Lowes or Home Depot.  In theory, they will do the first two cuts for free.  But being a girl in a home improvement store is an advantage that I don’t mind using from time to time, even when I have a saw at home.}

Prime the top and the edges.  Let the paint dry thoroughly.

Paint the edges with the black paint.  Let dry.

Trim your Days Until letters.  (I sacrificed the dot on the I in order to center it on the board.)

Run a credit card over the top of the letters firmly.

Measure about six inches in from the left side of the edge.

Peel the blue backing from the Days Until letters.

Center on top of the white side of the board.

Scrape credit card firmly across all of the letters.

Carefully peel off the top paper from the letters.

Run credit card across the letters again, insuring that all of them are properly adhered.

Spray black paint evenly over the entire area of the Days Until letters.  Allow to dry.

Paint two coats of chalkboard paint rectangles on each side of the sign.  Allow to dry.

Peel off the Days Until letters carefully.

{Are you wondering why you are peeling off the letters?  Well, I am thinking that this little sign will get a lot of use.  Plus there are those little hands that like to peel things.  Trust me.  I learned the hard way.  But the most important reason, it looks totally hand painted without having to suffer through the pesky hand painting part.}

Clean up any bleeds with a white paint pen.

Sand edges to your liking.

Attach hangers to the back if needed.


Paint and power tools are messy, but this is a gift that is both affordable and can be used all year long for any occasion.  Who wouldn’t love their own happy, versatile countdown sign?

I was so excited to introduce you to Julie.  The thing I love most about Julie is that she uses her gifts and her platform to support worthy causes.  She is woman who can’t sit idle while the world is hurting and in need.  Not only is she insanely brilliant and crafty, she isn’t afraid of a little color.  Check out her recent post about the the Queen Bee Market.  I am just drooling over her booth!

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  1. Is there no end to ideas using chalkboard paint? I love them all! Very clever way to be able to mark the days until any event.

  2. Thank you for this post. Although I like signs, they're often not quite my style. I love this one though! Maybe I can hunt for some chalkboard paint over the weekend!

  3. Cute idea! Joy's Hope always makes me smile…."What if all these things got married and had a baby?" Chalkboard sign, of course.

  4. Perfect project! I've never used chalkboard paint, thanks for the nudge and resource for the vinyl letters. xo

  5. This is so cute! Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment!

  6. LOVE that! What a cute idea. This series is so much fun. I am seeing all kinds of projects in store for me this holiday season!


  7. Love the sign & now I'm thinking of makin' one, too!

    (and I finally posted more pics of my "new" kitchen as per YOUR request!)

    Thanks for all your great ideas!

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  9. $8.50 ($5 plus shipping) seems so expensive just to get the vinyl letters – makes the project so much more pricey. Any thoughts on where or how to get a better deal on the vinyl letters?

  10. I'm confused. I got my letters today and have my boards primed. My primer is a gray/blue color. Now that I read the directions more carefully, it looks like maybe you had a white primer and then spray painted over the letters and peeled the letters off to expose the white primer underneath? Am I following that correctly?

  11. Hello! I am wondering if one could go over the entire board with chalkboard paint… I’ve never used it before so I’m not sure if it would easy to still peel the letters off.

    Also, on pinterest, you can find a “recipe” to make your own chalkboard paint – in any color! Yippee!!

  12. I love this idea! I am always finding things to countdown to and having a visual in my place would be better than having it on my phone! Were you able to reuse the letters or did you have a new set for every sign that you made?

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