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This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks ago I shared with you about the new Scotts(R) Snap(R) Spreader System; They sent me one along with a bag of fertilizer to test out of my lawn.  I showed you the pathetic shape my lawn was in after our Indiana winter.  I was shocked to see the huge improvement after one application of the fertilizer on my lawn.

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It is thicker and greener after just one use.  Now yes I still have some bald spots that no amount of fertilizer is going to help but isn’t the difference AMAZING?? My husband is a big proponent of the lawn maintenance being a man’s job.  And I certainly feign ignorance when it comes to anything to do with the grass.  So my hubby insisted on being the fertilizer too.  I think he just wanted to play with the new toy.

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1. So easy…literally just like it says…Snap, lock and go.

2.  It spreads very evenly.

3.  It is fast and very convenient.

4.  When you are done you just unlock it and pull the bag out and store it.  You don’t have to seal the bag or anything.

5.  I was super impressed with the quality of the fertilizer (as you can see by the above picture).

6.  You have the Scott’s brand name behind it which is known for high quality products.


1.  It is about $25 a bag for 11.6 lbs. of it.  You can buy the regular Scott’s brand fertilizer 13.6 lbs. for about $20 a bag.  So you are paying extra for the SNAP technology.

2.  Obviously there is the initial investment of $50 for the spreader too.

3.  It is a new product and doesn’t have all the different kinds of applications your grass might need right now. All in all we loved the product and think that the additional money is worth the ease and convenience of the product.

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