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This month, as part of the Lowes Creative Ideas team, we were challenged to use the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.  The color, in itself, is pretty.  However, I am just not sure how I could incorporate it into my decor of mostly grays, aquas, yellow and corals.  Since the color screams feminine, and my daughter coos over anything purple or pink, I decided to paint a vanity table for her bedroom.


Valspar is the official Pantone paint provider.  They have sample pots sitting right in the paint department for $3.98 if you want to try it out.  I just needed one pot to complete this project.  That is what I love about sample pots!


I bought this vanity table and bench at a yard sale early last summer for $20. (Sorry for the absence of before pictures.  Hard drive crash – you don’t want to hear about).  Since then I keep hearing “Mom when are you going to paint the vanity for me?”   I had started painting it with a blue chalk paint and originally I was going to do a pale pink over it.  Well I got halfway through painting it blue and ran out of paint and so it sat in my garage for months.  For those of you that know me you know this is strange. 99% of the time I finish a project within a couple of weeks.  Fast forward MONTHS and I knew that this would be perfect for the Radiant Orchid color.


I mixed both the light blue paint and the Radiant Orchid Valspar sample pots with Paint Minerals.  I have talked before about this product – it basically turns any paint into a chalk-like paint.  I have made my own chalk-like paint before and it doesn’t turn out as well as this stuff does for me.  Just my two cents and my limited trial of homemade chalk paint.

So as you can see after I hand painted it the light blue paint I painted over that with the Radiant Orchid.  Then I used a 3M Sanding sponge to sand the edges and corners so that it would soften it up and the blue would pop through.  Since the Radiant Orchid color is so intense I felt like the blue underneath toned it down just a tad.


The sides of the vanity had these cute picture frame holders in it.  I repurposed that area by cutting 1/4” plywood to fit followed by cork and fabric.  I used hot glue to attach the cork to the wood and then used 3M 77 Spray Adhesive (good stuff!) to adhere the fabric to to the cork. I felt like little cork boards could allow her to pin up some of her mini drawings, pictures, etc.



I added some sparkle embellishments to some thumbtacks with some E6000 glue for some blinged out thumbtacks.


Also behind the mirror was this adorable place for her to hold her jewelry.  It had a green velour fabric that was yuck so I pulled that off and added the new fabric on the inside as well.  I also lined the drawer.  All of it was applied with the 3M 77 Adhesive spray.


radiant-orchid-valspar radiant-orchid-pantone-color-of-the-year

I also purchased a ne w cup pull and trashed the nasty brass one that was previously on it. Lastly I reupholstered the bench with some home decor fabric I found at Joann Fabrics.  I like the two different patterns of the fabric I used and how they work together because they have the same color pallet.



So what say you?  Yay or nay on Pantone’s Color of the Year?  I think for me personally it is a nay.  However, I love seeing it in other people’s decor.  It really is a great pop color especially when paired with gray or navy – in the right house.

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  1. It’s not my favorite color either…..not even close. But it is pretty, and I know my girls would go nuts over a little vanity painted like that. Great job finding the fabric to go with it. I havn’t seen an update of Kayla’s room lately. Are you changing up the original colors to incorportate this purple in other ways?

  2. It is in Kayla’s room right now, but I do not think I will change the colors at all to include more of the orchid. It’ll just be a pop in the space.

  3. Hello Beckie! I know this is an old post so my fingers are crossed that you still have this vanity table. Long story short, I have had this same vanity for probably 15 years now (I got it for Christmas as a preteen). It has moved with me a half dozen times and been disassembled and used as a tiny desk for the last few years. I thought I had all the parts to put the two wings and the mirror pieces back on the top, but when my husband and I tried to put it back together today, we were missing four pieces that hold the four bolts (with washers) into the wings. There are holes in the back of the wings where the missing pieces should meet the bolts. Without the mysterious missing pieces, the bolts fall right out of the table part and the wings aren’t secure at all.
    All that to say… if you still have this vanity, could you possibly take a photo of the back of the vanity where the wings meet the table so I can maybe figure out what the heck to go buy at Lowe’s? 🙂 I am at a loss! My email address is ashleyscripter@gmail.com if you wouldn’t mind sending a photo to me. Thank you so much!

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