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I finally finished my son’s room. Nothing could quite top the hanging beds in Isaac’s old room in Indiana. While Isaac did beg me to build them again, I was able to talk him into the current farmhouse pallet bed with the under-the-bed rolling trundle.

His current room is smaller, and with him almost 10 years old, I didn’t think the hanging beds would be a viable long term option as he gets bigger.

One thing I did do again was the planked and shelved feature wall treatment. I just love how it sets the stage for the room and gives me plenty of styling options to make a custom wall for each stage of his life.

You can get the full tutorial here. While they are a little tricky to style I find the process fun!


DIY planked and shelved feature wall

How Much Did it Cost?

The whole wall treatment costs about $100.

The only difference that I did this time versus last time is instead of toe nailing the boards in place I used my Kreg Jig. It it just a lot easier since I am so familiar with pocketholes.

I didn’t bother patching the holes either. Once painted, you can barely see them and it goes with the whole farmhouse feel of the wall.

My son loves treasures from places he (or we!) have been. My husband got this knife while in Kenya, and Isaac thinks it is super cool.

He thinks it is some African sword, but really, I think it is a glorified letter opener.

I used a few pieces of scrap wood, some pocketholes, a circle spade bit and some Minwax Special Walnut stain and attached it to the wall so it could be on display.


I love this adventure sign from Lindsay Letters. It is so boy!

And of course, Isaac keeps his glasses perched on one of the shelves as well.


Another time Tim and I went to Miami we purchased this alligator mouth for Isaac.

He loves when we bring home souvenirs from the area we visit. Which is perfect because you can find tourist traps all over Florida with alligator heads.

The slingshot is from his grandma and grandpa when they were on a cruise through Roaton, Honduras.


My husband and Isaac are big Michigan football fans. He got the awesome opportunity to go to not one, but two games in the Big House this year!

These are souvenirs from his trip. The “L” I just printed out and popped in a frame and that little football statue I had from his old room and is from Hobby Lobby.


The Farrant (our last name!) Drive street sign is a funny story. My dad lives up in Commerce Township, MI and once when he took us out to breakfast I saw there was a Farrant Drive and I about freaked out.

I kept trying to come up with a plan to go steal the sign. I wouldn’t really steal the sign, I just like to freak my dad out.

He was nervous I would truly attempt to steal the sign and get arrested. Next thing I know he gets a sign made for me. HA!

So I hung that in the room with some 3M Picture Hanging Strips. The sign coordinates with the stop sign and the stop light in the room (more on that soon).

The football helmet is a wrought iron from his old room that I spray painted yellow and stuck on a piece of wood I painted red. I also added little trophies from the sports Isaac has played in the past.

The sign is a knock-off I made after seeing it online. Every day when he gets home from school I say “hello there handsome” so the sign was completely personalized.


This is my favorite candid picture of my kids, taken by a good friend as they were playing in the park all sweaty and sun soaked.

I repainted the frame from his old room and even painted the mat to coordinate.


The plaid square is just fabric I stapled onto a piece of plywood for color and the industrial “L” I got at Goodwill.

Oh and that amazing cage light I got from Parrot Uncle. I spray painted it an aluminum color to coordinate with all the pipe decor (more on that later) in his room.


The last thing on the wall is a caricature drawn of Isaac at a Pacer’s game a couple of years ago.

Oh and those little cars peeking out by his bed frame were in his nursery. Tim and I painted them on one of our date nights before Isaac was born.


So that is the 411 on his wall. I love how it speaks a story of my son’s life and allows us to have a visual scrapbook of memories.

More details of his room to follow!

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