Porch Party Inspiration

I found an outdoor party featured at Style Me Pretty, and I loved the look of it just as much as the reason for the celebration.  (A woman was throwing this intimate party for the friends who had been there to support here through a particularly difficult year.)   Most of the party took place under the eaves of a large porch, and the decor for it was filled with timeless details like rustic wood, vintage glass, and lovely colors.  This looks like the perfect way to spend an autumn afternoon with friends.

Porch Party Inspiration

There are just so many beautiful things to look at in this inspiration photo.  Here are a few more details for you to enjoy up close:

Porch Party Inspiration Numbered

Once again, I’ve found some tutorials by talented bloggers for items very similar to what you see on the porch in my inspiration photo.  Enjoy!

1.  Pottery Barn Knock Off Hanging Lantern

Simply Inspiring hanging lantern

Over at Knock Off Decor, I featured a lantern that was a similar style to the one pictured.  It was made by Simply Inspiring.

2.  Pennant Bunting

Anika Lacerte pennant bunting tutorial

Anika Lacerte shares a simple tutorial for making fabric bunting.  I love this authentic party decor!

3.  Vintage Tea Cart

Northwest Lovelies tea cart

What a handy spot this tea cart is for special party foods!  See another tea cart that has been spruced up a bit at Northwest Lovelies.

4.  Dipped Paint Utensils

Creatively Christie dip dyed utensils

This looks like fun:  utensils that have been partially dipped into bright paint colors.  Creatively Christy shows you how.

5.  Rustic Farmhouse Table

Shanty 2 Chic farmhouse dining table

Shanty 2 Chic DIY-ed one very similar to the table in my inspiration picture for less than $125!

6.  Mismatched Blue Chairs

Domesticated Engineer blue chairs

The Domestic Engineer loved the idea of making her chairs look like a matched set, so she painted all of  them with Rustoleum’s satin spray in the color “Lagoon”.

Don’t you think this is a perfect setting for a gathering of friends?  If you had a front porch like this one, what foods and beverages you you be excited to share?

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