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Maps are such a fun and easy way to make your house feel like home! Whether you’ve moved around a lot want to display all the places you’ve lived, or you’ve stayed in one state your whole life, maps can make any space feel personal, and they’re a great conversation piece!


1. Giant Framed Art


Have you seen these gorgeous giant maps floating around but don’t feel like shelling out the hundreds of dollars to take them home? Domestic Imperfection shares a great and cheap option for making your own giant framed map (and you can use the same idea for states other than Texas, too)!

2. Wooden Pallet Makeover

California Rustic (2)_large

How beautiful is this state made from an old pallet?! This idea is perfect for larger states, and depending on the size of your pallet pieces, small states could look just as awesome!

3. Watercolors


This would be a great project to do with the kids. Plus, watercolor art is so trendy right now! This tutorial at All Parenting is technically for the entire United States, but you could use the same technique for your own state!

4. Paint Sticks & Paint


Before my family moved to Ohio, we lived in Indiana for several years. I made this fun and colorful Indiana map using some paint sticks and soy paints! Check out my tutorial to see how you can make your own!

Then when I moved to Ohio I changed it out for this one using the same process.

Ohio State Sign made from paint sticks by InfarrantlyCreative.net

5. Glitter Art  


The gals at Made From Pinterest share a couple different ways to make this glittery map art! Frame it up in a classic white frame or go bold with a fun color to match your personal style!

What’s your favorite way to decorate with your state?

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  1. I have to mention the Etsy shop Cora & Plum here. She makes gorgeous state artwork out of reclaimed barnwood found in Ohio. Lovely!

  2. Aw, my state (Indiana) actually made it into your post 🙂

    Unfortunately I’m not so “in love” with Indiana at the moment – I could certainly do without these 0 degree days!

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