finger knit necklaces out of tee shirts

Did you ever finger knit when you were young?  I needed no excuse to play with yarn and string when I was a child.  I made macramé bracelets, god’s eyes, dream catchers and finger knitted for days on end.  These tee-shirt yarn finger knitted necklaces pay homage to my childhood.  Made with soft cotton, they dress up an outfit for spring, while still being totally comfortable and casual.  If you don’t want to make your own tee shirt yarn, you can purchase a spool of t-shirt yarn from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.



Cotton Craft-Tee Yarn or DIY Tee Shirt Yarn

Optional: big chunky wood beads

white plastic chain

If you have never finger knitted I will give you a brief tutorial.  My 6-year old learned how to do this, so you can too, I promise!


1.  Leave a 18” tail to tie your necklace on later.  Begin by taking the tail and holding it between your thumb and pointer finger to hold it in place.

how to finger knit

2.  Weave the yarn in and out between your fingers.  Once you get to your pinky weave the other way back all while holding the tail between you thumb and pointer.  Each finger should now have yarn on it.

finger knit tutorial

finger knit necklace

3.  Now set your yarn over your weave on top of your fingers and then with your other hand move each lower yarn over the new yarn (and your finger).  Do that for all four fingers.

necklace finger knit

The pointer and middle finger are done in this picture below…

how to finger knit

All fingers done below…

finger knitted necklace

4.  Then set your yarn back over your fingers and then take the lower yarn over your finger and the yarn you just laid down starting from pinky to pointer.  Then reverse back and forth until your necklace is as long as you desire.

finger knitting

5. As your necklace starts to grow pull taut on the tail.  Make the necklace about 12” – 18” in length depending on your style.

finger kniting a necklace

6.  To tie off, remove the yarn from your fingers.  Weave your yarn in the loops and then pull it taut.

finger knitted necklace DIY

DIY finger knitted necklace

finger knit jewelry

finger knitting with tee shirts


7.  Add chunky wood beads to each end and then tie and knot in place.

t-shirt finger knitting

8.  To add some chain create a loop at the end of your finger knit necklace.  Then wrap the yarn around it and tuck in through the loop.  Cut and hot glue in place.

tee shirt finger knitting

tee shirt finger knit necklace

t-shirt finger knit necklace

9. Open up your loop and stretch it into the chain link.  Repeat for the other side.

knit yarn finger knitting

10,  Tie your necklace on with a regular bow like you were tying your shoe.

finger knit

You can layer them, finger knit multiple strands together, add more beads, etc.

finger knit final 1 (2)

finger knit necklace with cable chain

finger knit necklace

finger knit necklace

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The tutorial for the finger knit necklace originally appeared on The Creative Spark.


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