Don’t you love experiencing the holidays through the eyes of your children?  The whole anticipation is just as exciting as the actual day.  Kayla gave away two of her skirts that I made for Valentine’s Day to a couple friends.  She was so excited to see her buddy Tiffany wearing it today.  Look how happy she is!?

Kayla and Tiffany

Do you remember Valentine’s day when you were a child?  I remember taking great care to cover my shoebox and decorate it just so. I remember handwriting all the names on the Valentine’s and writing a special message on each. Back then I don’t remember giving candy in addition to the little Valentine cards, do you?

Well today my son came home from school and it looked like Pinterest gone wild in his Valentine’s bag. He was so excited to read each one to me and tell me what they said and then to pick out his favorites.  I remember doing the exact same thing.

When I got home I asked my daughter if she would be my Valentine and she told me “No she was already Beau-Nonni’s (her grandma) Valentine?”  Dude…three years old and I already lost her.  HA!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I hope your day was filled with the people who you love the most.

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  1. That photo is absolutely adorable! Love the skirts too. Yup, I remember Valentine’s day as a child — what a fun day — gladly this is one holiday that hasn’t changed much over the years!

  2. Sweet little girls! Happy (belated) Valentine’s day, Beckie! 🙂 I agree—I just remember giving the small cards for Valentine’s Day. Nowadays you feel guilty if “all” you send is a card with a lollipop or stickers. :s

  3. The valentines were pretty neat this year! I agree, Pinterest had a hand in many, mine included.

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