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I told my husband I wanted to redo our master bedroom and he about had a heart attack.  We have kind of lived in a construction zone with the mini remodel of our bathroom and moving the laundry room upstairs.  So in order to preserve our marriage and my husband’s sanity I decided to just “freshen it up” a bit. This is totally different than redoing it right?

First up…attack the window treatments.  When we moved in this house 2 1/2 years ago I threw up one old green panel that I got from Big Lots about 5 years ago “just for the time being.”  Well you know how that goes…DSC05814 We also have had the same comforter for that amount of time too.  So I got a new comforter, more on that later. Since I still like the color palette, I am keeping it the same to use some of the decorations and pillows. That should help keep this a low budget redo “freshening up” project.

The tie back rod was here when we moved in as well.  The orange ball on the end doesn’t match a single thing in the room.  I think I might take them down completely as I am not a tie back kind of girl.  I like the flowy feeling of the curtains just hanging there.DSC05816Since the window treatments always bugged me it was a simple change to redo “freshen up” the space.

I installed inexpensive matchstick roman shades from Home Depot for $20 each.  It really lets in a lot of light but creates a nice warm glow when the sun peeks in. Then I hung new panels from Target (Light Blue Chesapeake in the Target Home Brand) for $7.99 each.  I thought that was a steal for 84” panels.  They are not lined or anything but the color was perfect and it created the look I wanted.DSC05825Here is the inspiration fabric which is where the color palette originated from.

It is a Waverly print called Harmony Spa.  Isn’t that the perfect inspiration name for a bedroom?

Stay tuned for more of my master bedroom redo…ahem…freshening up.

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  1. I love the colors you've chosen. Very restful. Can't wait to see the rest of the room. Oh and the little table in the last entry….so sweet. Love the finished look.

  2. I love your inspiration fabric! It's a little like the inspiration fabric for my master!

  3. Love the "Harmony Spa" – LOVE it – I want pillows! I think that 5 years must be the mark for feelign like you need to "freshen-up" a room! I'm feeling that about my entire downstairs – want new paint and new curtains and new… fresh stuff…

  4. I made my dining room curtains using "Harmony Spa." It has a really pretty striped material that coordinates. Good luck with your redo!

  5. I love your new color palette! 🙂 Great redo, um, freshening up. 😉

  6. Great minds think alike! I have those same curtains in my kitchen and my living room has almost identical fabric for cushions. . . I love that color palette. So soothing and calming.

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