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This week on the CSI Project the challenge is a Martha Stewart inspired project.  Well if you search her site and browse through her magazines there are 1000’s of projects to choose from.  Mine is just a mini project but click on the CSI Project to view more.


I was perusing through the Martha files and saw these fabric covered boxes. I didn’t do mine exactly the same. I didn’t use fusible webbing. I kept it easy with this… DSC05882 I had an old gift box that my husband got with his Starbucks French Press a couple of years ago.  I have a love obsession with boxes, passed down from generation to generation in my family, so I kept it.  It was the perfect size to house all of my magazines.  I dusted it off and removed the foam inserts.DSC05877DSC05878

Next I sprayed the top of the box and adhered the fabric.DSC05883 I did the same to the sides and the underneath.  I didn’t cut the corners like the tutorial said because I wanted the “wrapped present look.”DSC05884 So I cut them down and then hot glued the excess down. DSC05885DSC05886

Then I got a bookplate out of my stash and drilled holes through the box and added little brads to hold it in place.DSC05911DSC05916 DSC05915 DSC05917I keep it by my bedside so I can leaf through inspiring magazines before I go to bed at night and then I will dream about crafty projects…it works.  Hey, don’t knock it until you try it!DSC05888 DSC05891 Did you link up to the CSI Project this week?  Come on over and check it out.Visit

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  1. That looks nice. You know, you could try sleeping with the magazines under your pillow for more inspiration. JK! Note I said "you" could – as if I don't need some instant inspiration! My creativity is lacking, these days.

  2. Hmmm .. very cute. Martha rocks & you rock! 🙂 So much nicer looking than an old ugly box sitting around!

  3. Yes I have boxes, and yes I have fabric, and yes I have that very same magazine. Would go well in my bedroom too. Check it out.

  4. Nice…. cute way to hide those magazines you aren't quite finished perusing yet. ; )

  5. This is great! I need a box to house all my magazines next to our bed. My tiny little bedside table is overflowing…

  6. Good way to use up free boxes and small pieces of your fabric stash! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to keep it simple.

  7. Such a cute project! I need to make some for my nightstand. So much more attractive than books and magazines stacked everywhere which is what's going on by my bed now!


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