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As I was perusing Pinterest (come follow me!) last week I saw this adorable Christmas pillow from Garnet Hill that I fell in love with.  As I started making it I realized I seriously do not need another holiday pillow so I decided to change it up a bit to fit my every day décor and I absolutely love the result of this striped sash lumbar  cover. Using a pillow I already had on hand I simply made an envelope style cover to change the look of my couch.

Here is my original inspiration:

striped ornament pillow

Here is the IC version:

red and aqua pillow


Red Canvas (often called duck cloth) — I used 12” of 59” width fabric

sewing machine and thread


1” Scotch Blue Painters Tape

Fabric paint (I used Martha Stewart Craft’s fabric medium with Wedding Cake paint)

Paintbrush (I used Martha Stewart Craft’s paint roller)

1/2 yard of cotton fabric for sash

quilting ruler, mat and rotary cutter

1.  Now duck cloth says ‘dry clean only’ but there is no way I am taking anything to the dry cleaner.  So I simply washed it with 1 cup of salt to avoid color fade and then dried and ironed it. Then I cut my fabric to size.  My lumbar pillow was 10” x 25” so I cut a piece that was 11” by 25”.  Next I taped off every inch with some Scotch Blue Painters Tape.

striped lumbar pillow

2.  Then I mixed my Wedding Cake white craft paint with some fabric medium and added it to my roller brush.

martha stewart craft paints

3.  Then I just rolled the paint on.  I let it dry for about 10 minutes and then put another coat on.  Then I removed the tape to reveal my stripes.

painting stripes

4. I let it dry overnight and then ironed it (using a press cloth) to set the paint.


5.  Next I cut three 5” strips of cotton fabric for the tie sash.  Then I ironed them under 1/2” and folded it in half.  Then I sewed up the sides and one end.

making sash


6.  I decided to save myself the headache and sewed the ties onto the pillow to make it easier for tying when my kids untie it.  I positioned and pinned the tie in place and then sewed them down after first tying the bow so I would know where to lay it.  I sewed as close to the bow as possible on both sides of the tie using the previous stitches as a guide.

christmas present pillow

7.  Then I cut two pieces for the back 11” by 18”.  In hindsight I should have cut it like 15” because this cover was near impossible to get onto the pillow I had.  Then I pressed it under twice and hemmed the 11” side down.  Then I pinned the fabric right sides together and sewed a 1/2” seam all the way around.


8.  I clipped the corners and turned it right side out and shoved, heaved, pressed, kicked, and squeezed this cover onto my pillow.  I think this baby might be stuck on there for life.


9.  I ironed the wrinkles and tied the bow.  Cuuuute! I absolutely LOVES it!  I think I can get away with it being an everyday pillow, what do you think?

lumbar pillow with tie

striped lumbar pillow with bow

I know someone will ask so

The white ruffle pillow I got on Groopdealz a while back (you also might remember that I dyed some gray here).

The chevron pillow is actually a bird pillow with a cute rosette on the front.  I got it from Goodwill for $6 but you can still order it at Target here.  It is called the Dwell Studio for Target Privet Decorative Pillow.

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