How To Make a Round Basket Liner

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Happy Monday to you!  So I still needed to decorate my new console table.  If you missed the before and after shots of it then click here.  If you want to see how I made my quatrefoil mirror click here.

Well I made my way to Lowe’s and found some galvanized pails for $7.28 a piece.  I thought $15 for two pails was a decent deal.  I really liked how the silver color played off the lamps.  However, they look a tad too industrial for this space.  So I decided to make fabric liners for them.

Using tin snips I cut into the metal on the handle holder.  Then I removed the metal handle and bent the metal towards the bucket with some pliers.IMG_1108IMG_1109IMG_1107I used the same process as you would to create a template for recovering a lamp.  Here is a great video to show you how to get the pattern.  I also traced the bottom of the pail to create a template.IMG_1114Then I laid my template pieces on top of my fabric and pinned it in place.  I cut out the fabric 1/2” larger on all sides except for the top of the pail pattern where I measured and marked 3” from the template.  This will accommodate the casing that will hold the fabric in place on the pail.IMG_1115IMG_1117

IMG_1116I pinned the fabric together with right sides together (forming a tube)and stitched it using a 1/2” seam allowance.IMG_1124Then I took the circle fabric and pinned it to the bottom of the tube with ride sides together.  You will have to stretch a little to pin it all down.  Just keep stretching and pinning until everything lays flat.IMG_1125 Stitch it using a 1/2” seam allowance.  Then try it out by putting the fabric into the pail tucking the bottom seam into the edge.IMG_1126 Perfect.  Next fold under the top of the fabric tube 1/2” and iron it down.IMG_1127 Fold it over another 1/2” and stitch it in place leaving an opening for the elastic.  I used 3/8” elastic for this project.IMG_1130 Then pull the elastic around the pail stretching it a little taut and cut it to size.IMG_1129Then feed one end through the casing using a safety pin.

IMG_1130IMG_1131 Pull the two ends of the elastic and pin. Then sew down back and forth tacking it in place.  Then tuck it in and sew the opening shut.  That is it.  Put it in your pail and admire.  It is a super easy beginning sewing project.IMG_1132IMG_1134IMG_1133

It is coming along but it still needs a little more.  Stay tuned!