This vintage exit sign is one of my new favorite pieces of quirk in my home.  If you missed my post about it here, you might not realize that this was not something I found at an antique shop–it’s actually faux vintage.  I actually made it out of an old drawer front.



Those lonely drawers without a dresser that you spot at curbside trash piles and garage sales?  Don’t pass them by!  Drawers are actually super easy to repurpose and there’s a lot that you can do with all or part of a drawer.  Drawer fronts typically have some type of beveled or raised edge, which adds way more character to a project than a regular board.  And drawer boxes are exactly that–a ready-made box!  Check out some of the neat ways you can transform old drawers with these 5 Ways to Repurpose a Drawer.



1.  Wall Organizer


Chic California lined drawers with cork and pretty fabric, then turned them topsy-turvy on the wall.  The result?  Bulletin boards with display space, shadow-box style!


2. Ottoman


Here’s a fun take on what you can do with a drawer by Beyond the Picket Fence.  This rustic drawer got legs and pretty upholstery to become an ottoman!


3.  Planter


This is one of my favorite drawer transformations.  Happy Together refinished this old drawer with cup handles and put it on a small table to create the perfect spot for houseplants.


4.  Bedroom Storage


Two It Yourself shares another way that drawers can become furniture with the addition of legs.  I love the pretty mint paper and gold chevron lining of this end-of-bed storage unit.


5.  Rolling Storage


Drawers were intended for storage, so it’s an easy fit to take advantage of their storage capabilities when you repurpose them.  I like the convenience of wheels on these toy bins made from drawers at Real Housemoms.

What’s in your drawers?  Do you have an extra one lying around you’d like to repurpose?

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