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For the past two years my family and I have chosen to do something a little different for Easter.  Instead of spending money on Easter outfits, like many Americans do, we opt to purchase a t-shirt for each member of our family.  It isn’t just any t-shirt.  These t-shirts have changed lives.  Every cent of these t-shirts goes towards an amazing non-profit organization each year.

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From this fund raiser alone, last year Kindred Image received $4,208.25 to help Pastor Lee’s efforts in China to help babies who are placed in a “drop box” and left to be cared for.  Read more about that here.

In 2014 Love Without Boundaries received $4,350 to help many children with medical procedures, education and orphan care.  Read more about it here.

Lives were changes because a group of people who care beyond Easter outfits took initiative to bond together to make a difference in the lives of children who can’t fight for themselves.  As we live out our lives, we have so many opportunities to show our love and care for people. By purchasing a shirt to wear on Easter, you have the chance to put your passion into action. You can dress with a purpose and wear something that benefits others. For every shirt purchased, you will cast a vote for one of the following organizations that is caring for others.  Whichever one receives the most votes will receive 100% of this year’s proceeds!

So will you join our family in a small way this year to give to the needs to others by joining in this #passionintoaction campaign?  Click here to learn more and order t-shirts.

This year’s theme is “Follow me” and is based on John 21:19 which is a conversation between Peter and Jesus where Jesus clearly tells Peter his heart about caring for those in need.


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There are plenty of colors and sizes available for your entire family. Let your kids choose their color and let them be a part of voting for the mission agency that strikes their heart the most.

Collage of shirts Make sure to use the hashtag #passionintoaction.  I can’t wait to see some of my reader’s and their kiddos all dressed up with a purchase this Easter.  All shirts must be ordered by February 28th.

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