I got this beauty at a yard sale for $5. There were a few things wrong with it. Can you find them?

1. It was ugly
2. It was brass – which made it ugly.
3. The shade was awful and too big- which made it ugly.
4. The lamp harp was ginormous and raised the shade too high exposing the switch – which made it ugly.

However, it had some major potential. So I busted the lamp apart. That was the fun part! In the process I learned how to wire a lamp. Bonus! I cleaned all the pieces and sprayed the brass parts with a nice silver nickel spray paint.

Then I took some Bright Red craft paint and drizzled it along the insides of the glass balls and let the excess run out the bottom.After dry, I wiped them all down with some Windex.

Doesn’t it look neato?

I found a $3 shade at Old Time Pottery that went well with my decor and the shape of the lamp. Can you believe it is the same lamp?

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  1. I love what you did with this lamp! Great Job! I love it with the drum shade as it looks more contemporary with the red glass.

  2. I would choose the second shade too. The look of the base of the lamp is so modern and the modern drum shade goes with it. The first one is too country

  3. wow. That lamp is so interesting with the red paint. I’ve never seen anything like it! I like the second shade better. You go, girl! Doing electrical wiring on a lamp!

    oh. I’m about to add some dimming switches to my kid’s bedrooms. I’m going to do it myself since it takes way too long for the man to do something like that. But, each room has a fan/light combo. Will the dimmer mess up the fan feature? Do you know this, my electrical friend?

  4. I agree about the drum shade. I think that the shape and color work better with the contemporary style. A black shade would also look nice. And props to you for the tranformation. Very creative.

  5. It looks GREAT! Definitely the second shade… looks way better!! Now, you need to show off your other weekend finds. I went yard sale-ing Sat. and found a chair for Noah’s room. So, we both had great success!!
    We had a wonderful time with you guys. Can’t wait to see you again.
    Love you!

  6. What an amazing person you are to take stuff like this and make it so neat!! I love the drum shade it looks so good with it!!

  7. Well… I guess I am in the majority so far. I would definitely pick a drum shade. Very cool lamp. I need to go to garage sales with you… I would’ve looked at that and thought…”yuck”. Not “Oooohhh.. I know what I can do with that.” : )

  8. The lamp is sooo cool. I would definitely go with the drum shade. I know you mentioned that the other two lamps in the room have drum shades as well and I know your probably like to mix things up, so what about putting a different shade on one of the other lamps? The new lamp definitely needs a drum shade, though! Beautiful!

  9. After seeing the first picture, I was sure you couldn’t make it better. Oh, ye of little faith.
    It’s great now! Go with the second shade. Kinda retro, like the lamp!

  10. Definitely the drum shade. Love it!!!

    I’m wondering about that dimmer switch with fans/lights, too!

  11. Definitely the second one. More modern look to go with your AWESOME modern re-do! Great job!!

  12. It’s a contemporary lamp and should have a contemporary shade. I love the drum shade with it. I have the same lamps as my bedside table lamps!! Great minds think alike!! 🙂

  13. It’s a contemporary lamp and should have a contemporary shade. I love the drum shade with it. I have the same lamps as my bedside table lamps!! Great minds think alike!! 🙂

  14. It’s a contemporary lamp and should have a contemporary shade. I love the drum shade with it. I have the same lamps as my bedside table lamps!! Great minds think alike!! 🙂

  15. It’s a contemporary lamp and should have a contemporary shade. I love the drum shade with it. I have the same lamps as my bedside table lamps!! Great minds think alike!! 🙂

  16. I think everyone has said drum shade so far, so do I. The shaped shade calls too much attention to itself – takes away from the great base and makes it busy.

  17. My gut says the second shade! I love the way it turned out. You see potential in some of the craziest looking stuff!


  18. Beckie,

    I love the 2nd shade better. You did a great job on the lamp, are you asking for power tools for any gift giving holiday that comes up?

  19. That paint treatment is RAD!!! (am I dating myself, using the term ‘rad’?) But it is. I would go with a drum shade for sure.

  20. I love it with the drum shade, the shape and the color are much better with the style of the lamp. Great job transformation.

  21. NUMBER TWO! NUMBER TWO!! I loooove it!! It looks like little hearts in the glass now. I’m going to link to this one lady.

  22. Shade #2, without a doubt! I think the lamp looks great (now!)

    ~ Sarah

  23. I am so impressed with your ambition with that lamp. Seed planted in my little brain. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Holy cow–you’ve got tons of readers! I love the second one too. That lamp looks incredible!

  25. I would definitely go with the drum shade! Hey you are so infarrantly creative! The lamp looks fab! xorachel

  26. ok – I like the first shade….just cause I want to be different than everyone else! But, truly the 2nd one looks better…hehehehe….I did the same thing with paint and clear Christmas ornaments…way cute….How’s he wrist? Clearly back to normal if you can do such a fab makeover on the lamp!!! B:)

  27. Before I even scrolled down to the shade pics, I was seeing it in my head with the drum. Looks so cool!

  28. what a fantastic one of a kind makeover, love it!!! i also would go with a drum shade.

  29. Drum shade it is…that was a fun game. Just like in my US magazine – which one looks better?! What a great vision you had on that purchase!

  30. Wow, that looks great! I would never have thought of that. Very unique look, and I like the drum shade best. Jackie

  31. How on earth did you manage to make that ugly thing so awesome?!? I mean, I would've just slapped a new lampshade on it and called it a day, but no, you made that sucker AMAZING! Stopping by from SITS!

  32. That is so gorgeous! I would never have thought of putting paint in the balls! And I love the new shade, too. So, so cute. Wow. You are truly gifted!

  33. No, I can't believe it's the same lamp. You are so very creative. Awesome. I'm glad I came here on your SITS Day. I love looking at things like this though I've not done any of it.

  34. This is unbelievable genius! You are inspiring me!!
    That's it, I'm listing you on my blogroll so I don't miss a thing!!

  35. I can't believe it's the same lamp! It looks just like all the lamps they're selling in catalogs for the "modern"-furnished home. From trash to treasure, as they say.

  36. Good grief. Can I use the word "magical" in two comments? Wow.

    Congrats again on your SITS day!

  37. Oh My Gosh!!! That is fantasic!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! just dropping in from SITS and You my friend have made me a follower. Look for me at mrsgifted.blogspot.com.

  38. I love how this lamp turned out. It's amazing what a little hard work can get you.

    Happy FB day!

  39. OMG. That is AWESOME. That doesn't even look like the same lamp. That looks like something you'd find at Target. I like the b&w shade. I love your idea with the paint. I would have never in my life thought of that. I wish I was craftier. I love seeing how other people do stuff.

  40. That is just the coolest…

    Im always looking for lamps that have their own character..I guess I'll have to design em myself, LOL.

    Have a wonderful SITS day!!! 🙂

  41. What a neat idea! I never would have even thought to do that. I love the finished result!

  42. That is fabulous! Very modern. Sure you don't want to give it away? *wink wink* Look this way! 🙂 LOL.

  43. The shade is fabulous! I would have just given up on a lamp like this. I'm so glad you didn't. Just goes to show everyone that a little creativity can go a long way.

  44. how do you not have your own tv show? again, amazing

    stopping by from SITS

  45. Incredible! My friend Geri often teases affectionately that I have the "Midas Touch" when it comes to projects. Clearly, you have it too! Wow! I thought I was done adding blogs to my RSS feeds for a while, but I've gotta have your updates every day. If I didn't have to wake the girls up and take them to school, and, oh yeah, go to work, I'd get lost gathering inspiration in your blog all day. Cheers! Jenn/Rook No. 17

  46. Wow. I mean it. Wow. You have SUCH a creative eye. You need to have your own television show!

  47. You know, what's so cool about this is that I would have just tossed this thing… or maybe replaced the shade, but I'd never have thought of the red paint inside.

    This is awesome!

  48. My god woman…you are freaking amazing. This is beautiful. Love it.

  49. That's amazing! If I did something like that it would look like junk, but when I see what someone else has done, I'm always amazed.

  50. That is soooo cool! That is a gorgeous lamp now! I wish I had that vision!

    Happy SITS day!

  51. First, congrats on being the SITS featured blog today! I love the lamp…it looks awesome! I really love that it didn't cost you hardly a thing. Your blog is full of great ideas. I will be back.

  52. SHUT UP! That is so freaking cool. Okay, I'm following.

    So glad you're the FB today!! 🙂 This, right here, is the whole reason I'm a part of SITS… because I get to find people like you!!

  53. UNBELIEVABLE! Seriously, I can't begin to tell you how amazingly cool that is. You might just inspire me to become creative….

  54. Very cool! Painting the insides of the glass balls is very creative. Im going to follow you…Im loving it all.

  55. cool.. so much more modern and less 80's.. wait isn't modern like 60's style?

    Great choices.

  56. Love the idea with the paint in the glass balls part. What a great idea!

    It turned out amazingly well.

    Great job.

    Happy FB on SITS day!

  57. All subsequent posts with things as creative and beautiful as this will just get a comment of mm..mm..mm..mm.mmmm. Did that translate? That was 5 m's in a row while I shake my head in utter disbelief of your talent.

    My best, Lynn

  58. That is amazing, love that idea! What a pretty lamp (after you got done with it of course 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  59. Big, big difference! It's not just the paint that makes it work, it's the paint in combination with the thickness of the glass. Thinner glass would have just made it a "red lamp," which wouldn't have had nearly the same effect!

  60. Ok how much do you charge!!?? Love it! I love renewing treasures like that. Happy SITS Day too lady!


  61. Okay now I'm just in awe. How do you do it. I've got a lamp not dissimilar in shape and its looking very nervous at the moment

  62. How do you come up with these things? The lamp looks great! I really love what you did with the red!

  63. Wow, this lamp revamp turned out a lot different than I imagined. This is truly a unique one of a kind lamp and it's uniquely yours. Here from SITS.

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