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When I lead a weekly small group or a Bible study I love starting off asking the questions, "What was your high and low for the week?" I think it gives a quick gauge to how everyone is going. Well my low for the week was my kidney stones. Gosh those things are so brutal. Thank you for the many emails I received asking how I was doing and offering suggestions. I did pass it on my own so I did not need surgery. Thank you GOD!

My high for the week was getting the opportunity to go on my local lifestyle show, Indy Style this morning. It has been one of my small goals this year to get on the show so I was super stoked when I got the email on Friday asking if I wanted to showcase some of my Roadkill Rescue ideas. Many of you asked to see it so here it is… my six minutes of local fame. Smile


Recycling and Repurposing: wishtv.com

And here are the posts in case you missed them:

Happy Meal Toy Wreath

Roadkill Rescue Chandelier #1

Roadkill Rescue Chandelier #2

Roadkill Rescue Photo Frame

Roadkill Rescue Address Sign Subway Art

And tomorrow I will give you a sneak peak at how my Board & Batten bathroom is coming along.  I can’t wait to show you.  It is amazing how much character a little moulding can add to a space!

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  1. Thanks Traci! It was so fun but totally crazy. Of course I was working on like an hour of sleep because I was so stoked. That is the nice big bag under my eye if you noticed 😉

  2. Great job! Love the ideas! Our church just got new lighting, so I will have to see if we still have any of the old chandeliers… lol

  3. Well done! And thanks for reminding me that I actually started one of those Happy Meal wreaths back when I first started reading your blog. Must dig it out and finish it!

  4. Great job! I’m alway curious to hear what the bloggers sound like. It’s kind of like when you read books and create characters in your head and then see a movie made from the book and think “that’s just how they were in my head!” lol Maybe that’s just me. 😛

  5. You did a great job! I didn’t realize that you were local to me or I would’ve DVR’d you 🙂 Great projects to show!

  6. Great job, Beckie! You definitely nailed calm, cool, collected, and very, very fun! Huge congrats! (And thanks so much for posting the video for us to enjoy!)

  7. Sorry to hear about your kidney stones. I also suffered from those several time in my early 20s. Not fun. It was worse than childbirth!

    Snaps for you for getting on the show!

    p.s. {start each day with a full lemon juiced in water at room temp….it works wonders at preventing stones in the future}

  8. Beckie, Good morning, you did a great job on TV. I don’t know how you come up with so many “Roadkill” projects. Amazing.

  9. I left a comment on your yesterday’s post but wanted to let you know that I am glad to hear you are feeling better and no surgery required.

  10. Awesome job! And thank you for not picking yourself apart on your blog. I hate it when people do awesome things like you just did and then come back to their blogs and pick apart how they looked or sounded! You did great!

  11. just checked out each of those posts –
    1. what a unique end table!
    2. cute garbage haha – love how you can make 2 completely different things from the same object!
    3. the subway art is gorg. even moreso because of the sentiment.

    love what you do!

  12. Oh yes the Silhouette is a must. If you use the code IHEARTIC right now to order it there is some special stuff that Silhouette throws in (fabric interfacing, heat transfer). But I will have a Silhoeutte special each month. Next month is rhinestones.

  13. Awww thanks that means a lot. Of course I did pick myself apart but only because I want to do better next time…{hoping there is a next time} I want to try and say 0 umms and no “likes.” but other than that I think the segment was very “me,” and I am proud of it 😉

  14. Thanks Arielle. If you know me you can see my nerves for about a minute. Then I just got into it. It is easy when you talk about a subject you are passionate about I guess.

  15. That was so awesome!! I’ve seen all your creative ideas…and love them, but somehow missed the toy-wreath. What a great idea! Fun to see you in person-ish. Thanks for sharing the link.

  16. Beckie!!! That was too cool…. I loved it! What a star! And oh my… my pics were on t.v.!!!! LOVE YOU even MORE!!! 😉 Can’t wait for the next episode… <3

  17. Small world! I’m new to your blog and when I saw the Indy Style post I did a double take. I am from NC but went to high school with Andy, the other host of Indy Style. How funny! Love your blog!!

  18. Beckie…
    I watch you all the time on you tube with your “partners in craft” I never knew you were from Greenwood, or shall I say live there now! I live in Anderson, IN. I totally loved your appearance on Indy Style and I rescue craft road kill myself! Awesome Blog! You are very creative!!

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