I can’t wait to tell you about my newest advertiser.  I think this is the best idea since sliced bread.  The company is called Miss Plunkett’s Boutique. Button 125x125

They feature interchangeable boutique trimmings.  They sent me some to sample and I was giddy to get my package in the mail.  I am in love!  I keep telling all my friends about it. Their prices are unbelievable and their design is brilliant.

Here’s the lowdown…Untitled plunkett2The accessories have a permanent post on them.  You pick your feathers, frills or flowers.  There is a hole in the middle of them and you slide it on the post.  You pick your center and it screws onto the post holding the flower in place.  They are all stackable and interchangeable!

Kayla is wearing the headband accessory with the netting and the Addi Pink Rosette with the Petite Diamond Center. 

IMG_1021 IMG_1018 Then I unscrewed the center and popped in a feather and the Gwen Aqua flower. IMG_1063 IMG_1060 And one more quick change to the Addi Turquoise Damask rosette.IMG_1077 IMG_1074 Isn’t that so cool!?!? 

I am big headband girl so I have worn them everyday since I got the package. IMG_1083Miss Plunkett is giving one lucky IC reader a $30 gift certificate to their online shoppe.  Also if you use the code infarrantly20 you will get 20% off your first order.  Their prices are already insanely awesome…this makes them dirt cheap.  Seriously…I am the queen of cheap I should know.

Here is your chance to win…

1. Tell me how you would spend $30 to Miss Plunkett’s Boutique.  Which accessory would you pick, which flower or frill and which center?

2.  Become a Miss Plunkett Boutique fan on facebook and leave me a comment.

3.  Sign up for Miss Plunkett Boutique’s online newsletter and leave me a comment. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

I will choose a winner on Monday.  Good luck!

Button 125x125

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  1. I love this concept! Brilliant! I would get the white headband with the navy flower to go with Tessa's school uniform with the simple pearl! Love it!
    Nicole W.

  2. Awesome giveaway, Beckie! For sure, I'd spend some of the winnings on the Felicity turquoise feathers. Gorgeous!!

    That baby is so stinkin' cute in her pretties. 😉

  3. I would have to go all frilly -foo foo…I would probably get a simple hardboard (brown or black) and get those fabulous peacock feathers with the diamond center…who knows?! maybe throw a bright teal flower in there?:)

  4. I would have to go all frilly -foo foo…I would probably get a simple hardboard (brown or black) and get those fabulous peacock feathers with the diamond center…who knows?! maybe throw a bright teal flower in there?:)

  5. I would have to go all frilly -foo foo…I would probably get a simple hardboard (brown or black) and get those fabulous peacock feathers with the diamond center…who knows?! maybe throw a bright teal flower in there?:)

  6. I would have to go all frilly -foo foo…I would probably get a simple hardboard (brown or black) and get those fabulous peacock feathers with the diamond center…who knows?! maybe throw a bright teal flower in there?:)

  7. What a fabulous idea! So fun! I'd want a headband, brooch & snap clip with Buttercream, Gwen Chocolate, Addi Turquoise Damask, Simple Pearl Ivory, Clear Gem, and Felicity Turquoise and Nettie Flat Chocolate for some extra fun!

  8. Those are really cute! Your daughter looks adorable with the handbands on and the turquoise piece looks great in your auburn hair. I love the Phyllis Peacock feather with the Black Glam center.

  9. These are so amazing! I would get the long black clip, with a polly puff black feather, black fan nettie, a gwen blue green flower, and a gray diamond leaf center. That would go perfect with my daughters new dress!
    Jennifer M.

  10. SUCH a brilliant idea. One of those things that you wish you would have thought of first. 🙂 I would probably get an alligator clip, because both DD and I could use that. I like the blue multi flower, the safron, and silver (metallic, duh.) I like the pearl ivory cluster center. Fun stuff!!

  11. Wow, wow, wow!! Love these! I would pick the long pearl necklace with the Addi black flower and the simple pearl center.


  12. I like the peacock feather with a fan nettie and the Gwen blue green flower with either a clear gem or a chocolate pearl in the middle. Oh on a black headband. Is there a limit to how much stuff you can put on the post, cause I just got a little crazy there. lol

  13. Great giveaway! I love the Felicity Brown feather and the Felicity Turquoise feather and the Addie violet flower and the black headband. Too cute!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  14. Beautiful and genius! I would do a headband, I love them too. I love the Felicity feathers! I think I'd have to get a couple headbands, though for my girls, too 🙂

  15. These are awesome! I would def. get headband some peacock feathers and netting. Not sure what flower(s) yet as there are so many to choose from and I like the black pearl/ diamond center as it would go great with some earrings/ necklace I already have! 🙂

  16. I would get the alligator clips and headbands with some super cute flowers for my daughter!!

  17. Wow — another of those "why didn't I think of that great idea?" concepts! You can get a lot for $30, but I'd start with one of the thick headbands, add some peacock feathers, maybe a silk flower and a disco ball bauble. I'd be the talk of the town!

  18. I subscribed to the newsletter and am already looking forward to updates. What a cute baby, too! Thanks for letting us play along and become acquainted with a new product line.

  19. I'd get the black headband, some of the netting (don't see it on there now) and prob a pearl center.

  20. What a fabulous idea! I love the Gwen Navy Flower, The simple black pearl or the diamond cluster for the center, and I'd buy a few accessories! Definitely the snap clip and the broach!

  21. I would start with the simple pearl center, add the light pink flower and top it off with the polly puff. Adorable!!

  22. So cute! I'd get the black headband, the kelly green and buttercream flowers, clear diamond center, felicity turquise feathers, Addi Red & turquise flowers, Gwen Safron flower…I'm sure I'm over $30 by now…it's just too much fun!

  23. So adorable! I would get the black headband, the addi lime flower, and the diamond cluster center. Really fantastic idea!!

  24. they are fantabulous. My daughter would love love love them. Feathers and flowers, I love them all.

  25. Headband, flower, netting and a diamond center…what color? I havent decided, I love the light pinks but I also love the dark teals.

  26. I want the black headband with the feather felicity and the gwen aqua with the center clear diamond. I have a bunch more stuff too. SO cute!!!!

  27. These are SO cute! I love these and the idea is genius! The felicity black feathers are so cute!

  28. I just spent 20 minutes looking through all the options! WOW – I'm loving everything! If I had to choose just one of each item, it would be the black headband with the peacock feather, the lacy black flower, and the clear gem center. Please please pick me!

  29. Oh boy! The possibilities are endless! I love those rosette flowers with the netting! So cute! All of it is.

  30. If I won, I would get a headband with a chocolate-colored flower and a diamond cluster center.

  31. I am in LOVE with her concept! For starters, I would pick the White Headband, with Diamond Cluster Center, Addi Light Pink flower, then Gwenn Grey flower (possibly a couple more in different colors)!

  32. What an AMAZING idea!

    I love the headband with a gewn blue-green flower, felicity turqouise feathers & Disco ball clear center.

    I so wish I would have thought of this! What a great idea!!

  33. OH wow! I'm thinking that with two daughters, that $30 would be gone instantly! These are so cute! I would get clips, because the girls hate headbands (they're one and two). I'd add flowers in pink, white, black, or purple since that's what they wear the most. I love the diamond clusters and leafs. Thanks for this chance!

  34. OH my! I think I would go with the whole plunkett of the month! Love the orange and the brown whispy feather!

  35. I would choose the Pearl Necklace Long, the Lime Flower, the Petite Diamond, and then choose some more flowers to change out. 🙂 What an awesome idea!

  36. I like the headband, and alligator clip, along with a feather, nettie and flower! GORGEOUS! I love it!

  37. The pearl necklace with different flowers to attach would be lovely!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. What one to choose? Oooooh, there's so many I love. Rings, head bands, necklaces. The options are endless! Love the teal colored flower especially!

  39. Gorgeous with a capital 'G'! I would get some snap hair clips and regular barrettes, then felicity black feathers, and the peacock ones are calling my name, plus a flowers in the lovely dark purple ….i could go on and on. Thanks for the give away! Tanya_cruick@hotmail.com

  40. If I had 30 dollars to spend I would by more flower and gem accessories to go with the $20 worth that I spent while checking out the site. Gorgeous stuff!

  41. So of course I was thinking headband, then I saw the ring…decisions, decisions. Hmmm….maybe both! 🙂

  42. Are you kidding me? Those are so sweet they make my teeth hurt. I love the peacock feathers! And the little net pieces! How chic! I NEED a little girl.

  43. I would love to get
    1. of the long black interchangeable clips
    2. along with a black interchangeable headband
    3. a black nylon headband
    4.poppy lime flower
    4. multi flower…

    so cute!!!

    taylorgketchum at gmail dot com

  44. Lesley Churchill…
    I wrote up a huge comment and then it keeps saying "service unavailable"! aaahhh.. I wanted to enter to win all three ways. My daughter is a bald almost two year old and I was super excited to see that they have stretchy headbands.. I wo…uld get those along with the white long clip with the zebra ribbon black and the gwen red rose with the pearl cluster black center to start. I also love the hennie feathers… waaay too cute.
    I also signed up for the newsletter and became a facebook fan. Is there anyway you can enter me the three times? The comments werent working on the main site. Please, please, please…. :)See More

  45. I love this. I would choose a white headband, houndstooth ribbon, and black lacey flower. For the center, I think I would choose the simple black pearl. So pretty!

  46. Oh, I'm drooling over the options! 😉 I think I would pick either a Gwen blue green flower with a chocolate nettie & an ivory diamond leaf center OR a Gwen aqua flower with a chocolate nettie & a simple brown pearl center. My daughter & I are in my sister's wedding in November & either of those would be the perfect accessories for our hair!

  47. I'd have to get some headbands with flowers and some of those beautiful centers. The pearl one or some of those diamond clusters.


  48. I would get the white headband $4 the pearl necklace $6, the addi silver flower on the headband $5 and the stella white on the necklace $5, the gray diamond leaf on the headband $4 and the simple pearl ivory on the necklace $4, and a nettie flat black on the headband $1 and a nettie fan white on the necklace=$30 🙂
    I am a fan of Miss P on FB
    I have signed up for the newsletter.
    (I'm not sure if I was supposed to make that three separate comments. if so, count it three times please! I would LOVE this)

  49. These are so great! I would do a white headband and the turquoise damask flower… probably with the simple pearl center. Love this concept!

  50. OH MY! these are all adorable! I dont know how i would choose! The flowers are adorable!

  51. This is the smartest thing I have ever seen! I love these! I would do the back head band, with one of the gwen flowers, and the diamond cluster center. Maybe I would throw in a nettie or some feathers for fun. 🙂

  52. That is incredibly clever! Let's see; I'd go for snap clips and headbands. And for the add-ons, both my daughter and I would love the peacock and brown feathers, most definitely the Gwen flowers and roses, as well as the centers.

  53. I love this idea! The Gwen flowers are so cute; I'd like one in every color!

  54. This is such a brilliant thing! I would get the lacey black flower with the pearl cluster center. And I would probably get both a clip and a headband to wear it with. So cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

  55. My daughter is always looking for new flowers and such for her hair. She would be thrilled to have one of these! (and what a great stocking stuffer)

  56. Well, I have 4 girls so if I won the Miss Plunkett's gift card I would get the white headband, the polly puff in hot pink, rose in white and the clear gem to finish it. I am sure once I astarted ordering I might not be able to stop.

  57. Oh my so cute and such a brilliant idea!!! With 3 girls I fear I might go a bit bonkers, but love the white headband turquoise or hot pink flower and pearl bling. Older daughter loves turquoise and younger two think hot pink is fab!!! Fingers crossed!!

  58. Wow…what would I buy? I'd get a headband, a few flowers and centers….and then I'd hope that the little baby kicking around in my belly is a little girl who'll love to model them!

    Their prices are great!

  59. Of course I would love to win, but even if I don't I am very excited about this site and discount. I have been looking at flower headbands for MONTHS!

    I would get a black headband, a white headband, a short black clip, a short white clip, a turquoise damask flower, blue multi flower, a red gwen, and large off white poppy.

  60. I would lovvvve lovvve lovvvve to win this giveaway! I would pick a stretchy headband, with the addi pink rosette, petite diamond center, and feathers! My little angel would look DARLING in those!

  61. And I subscribed to the newsletter!

    I would also add to my order: a peral ivory cluster, a clear gem, and a polly puff chocolate. I love this stuff!

  62. I would choose a headband with bright pink feathers and a pink or green flower (I'd have to see which my daughter would like best).

  63. OMGosh. It's all boys at my house, so I have to get my girly on in any way I can. 🙂

    My choice would be:
    1. Ring – Rose or Felicity with Clara – petite something
    2. Headband – Polly Puff or Peacock -…
    3. Pearl Necklace – Daisy or Hannah or Poppy -…
    4. Pearl Bracelet – Peacock or Rose -…

    …with diamond leaf or pearl cluster to finish

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