boardbatten bathroom

I am finally getting around to redoing my main bathroom downstairs.   It was painted a tomatoey red prior to us moving into the house three years ago.   I never really liked it but it has been “good enough” while I busily redecorated the rest of my home.   It is time for a make over!   I decided to put up some board & batten.   I love the character molding adds to a space.   I was also excited to have the cream board & batten lighten up this rather dark space.


I have been wanting to add some board & batten in my house and I figured a small bathroom was the place to start.   Even just the primered walls made a huge difference, don’t you think?


So I decided not to go the cheap route.   I chose preprimed MDF for a couple of reasons.

#1 They are easy to cut with just a miter box and handsaw

#2 They are pre-primed making it a timesaver

#3 I didn’t want any wood grain in the board or battens, just a flat, painted surface

I purchased a 6” width for the top board and 4” width for the baseboards and a 3” width for the battens and the top shelf.

Now I have seen many people use their existing baseboards to save time and money but I really like how the plain squared edges look on the baseboards with the battens.   The total cost of the MDF was right at $50.

I also spaced the battens 8” apart from each other.   I don’t think there is any set width for battens.   I would recommend just cutting a few to size and see what looks best.   Since my bathroom is so small I thought 8” apart looked the best.


I also decided to repaint my bathroom mirror the same color as the wall but leave the vanity black.   I wasn’t sure about my decision but I am glad I chose not to paint the vanity cream as well.   I think it would have looked off with having too much cream in the small space.


I used my air nail gun to tack everything in place.   I {heart} my air compressor and nail gun.   I don’t know how you DIY’ers do without one.

board and batten bathroom

Next up is a whole lot of caulking and patching the nail holes.   Then I will use my air sprayer to paint the board & batten.   I think sprayed molding looks so much better than when it is brush stroked.   Stay tuned.

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  1. Looks great! I look forward to seeing the finished product, too. Have you ever mentioned the type of paint sprayer you have? I have one, but it doesn’t do a very good job, so I’m looking for a new one.

  2. Wow, you have an air sprayer! I’m drooling with envy. Oh the fun I could have with one of those! Love the board and batten look I keep seeing in blogland. Thinking I might have to try that out on our guest bedroom. Your bathroom already looks better! The red was way too dark for a bathroom.

  3. Okay, seriously! Are you sure that’s the same bathroom??? Beckie, I already LOVE it! I thought of you today while in the paint section at Lowes! I’m moving to a new room, and am painting! Can’t wait to share pics with you! I’d love any ideas you have for a funky thrifty headboard! 🙂

  4. I just winged it. I put it at different intervals and just eyeballed what I thought looked best. No science here 😉

  5. I’m super excited! I’m doing something completely different than I’ve ever done! I’m doing 3 walls in a true gray, and a feature wall with a blue/gray shade! My roommate is giving me a duvet cover from Ikea that has a cream background with 2 shades of gray leaves all over it! All my accents and curtains will be white which is really going to pop off the walls! I’m going for a more modern shabby chic look! I want to do something fun and funky with the headboard…as I don’t have one right now! I’ll send pics! Super excited to see your purple! Was my office an inspiration?? 😉 haha!

  6. It’s beautiful so far! I’m excited to see the finished project – no pressure though ;D

    How do you tape everything off to use your airsprayer?

  7. Sure is. I am done now. I will show pics on Monday and Tuesday probably. I ended up spraying the batten with my air paint sprayer and that saved me HOURS! All I have left to do is spray the vents purple and hang em and I am done. I still have some accessorizing to do but I don’t want to rush that just to get it done, ya know?

  8. You bathroom looks great! I know this is an old post, but I found it in my research for my similar bathroom B&B project. I’m wondering how your MDF is holding up in there? I was just about to purchase MDF for my project but then read that it’s not good in high moisture areas like bathrooms- that it swells & bubbles. I would be grateful for your input! Thanks!

  9. Hi Jessica, The bathroom is still exactly the same as in this post, and I can tell you that the MDF has held up great for us. However, we do not take any showers in that bathroom. My kids just use it for baths, so there isn’t steam.

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