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This month, as part of the Lowes Creative Ideas team, we were challenged to come up with a way to freshen up the guest room.  While my guest room in my previous house was amazing, I have yet to touch the new room quite yet (even though we have had 4 sets of guests come already and have one coming this weekend).  It is definitely on my list of things to do but I need some guest room decor ideas and inspiration before I begin.  Meanwhile, I decided to make a quick an easy frame to set on the nightstand to communicate to our guests some things about our house – like wi-fi and password, where the towels are located, and how to use our Sleep Number bed.  And there is a free printable for you to use as well.

guest room decor ideas with printable-sign


1” x 6”

1” x 2”

miter saw

Kreg Jig and 1” screws or a hammer and nail

Minwax Pre-Wood Conditioner

Minwax Weathered Oak

antiquing wax


nails or upholstery tacks

scissors or paper cutter


Mini ornaments

spray paint (I used Krylon Coral Isle and Island Splash)

gold string

hot glue

1.  This is a great scrapbuster project because all you need is a 9” piece of 1” x 6” and a 1” x 2” cut to 5 1/2” with a miter saw.

guest room decor

2.  Measure 1/2” from the bottom of your 1” x 6” and draw a line.  This will be where you will line up the bottom of the 1” x 2”.  This gives you a nice tilted angle to your frame.

guest room wifi password

3.  Drill 2 Kreg Jig pocket holes into your 1” x 2”.  If you don’t own a Kreg Jig use wood glue to adhere it in place. Then drive nails through the front into the 1” x 6”.

guest room frame

guest room sign

4.  Sand it smooth and then wipe on a quick coat of Pre-Wood conditioner if you are using a soft wood like I did.  After 5 minutes wipe in down and then wipe on the stain of your choice.  I used Weathered Oak.

guest room special touch

It wasn’t quite dark enough for me so I wiped it with an antiquing glaze over the top and then wiped it off really quick.

That was just what it needed to give it pallet wood look – a little gray, a little brown.

sign for guest room

5.  Print out the printable onto cardstock.  This was designed by Rebecca from Cre8tive Compass magazine. Each print will give you two 5” x 7” sheets.  Cut it down to size.  If you don’t want to do all this you can always pop it in a 5” x 7” frame and call it a day.  HA! (Bonus: Here is an 8” x 10” if you want it bigger)

the ornament of a house quote

6.  Use nails, upholstery tacks or thumbtacks to stick the printable in place.

sign for guests

And you are done.  Unless you want to take it one step further!


7.  I wanted to play off the whole “ornament” quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I found some mini ornaments at the craft store in the Christmas section.

8.  I taped them off with Scotch Blue Tape and sprayed them coral and blue spray paint.

guest room nightstand

9.  Once dry I strung them onto some gold embroidery floss, tying a knot to secure each ornament in place.

ornament of a house quote

10.  To attach it to your frame use nails or hot glue on the back.  Cut the remaining string.

guest room accessories

Let guests know how happy you are to have them with a simple yet thoughtful touch.

guest room printable

(see coral spray painted lamp makeover here)




For more creative ideas check out the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine in print or on your iPad or Iphone


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  1. This is a cute idea. I am one to put it in a frame, lol, but was thinking l’ll have an ornament they can take with them. Thank you for sharing great ideas!

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