Painted Drip Pots with Candles and Flowers

Summer is my jam yo!  Swimming, gardening, biking, boating, outdoors, flowers, and sun – yep it is my happy season. Who needs 4 seasons? 

Not this Midwest girl! While the season is in full swing I am going to show you a fun way to jazz up your flower pots. Adding a candle in the middle of your flowers makes for a beautiful centerpiece for an outdoor evening wedding, pots for your front door, or a little ambiance to your deck or porch. 

They are super simple to make and your elementary kids would probably love to help.  There is something magical about watching paint drip.  For real!



1.  I got my pots at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Stores.  I used the largest one I could find and a small one. 

Start by priming your terracotta pots. The white background will really make your drips stand out. 

I used my paint sprayer since I was doing another project that day which required my sprayer. 

However, any can of spray primer will work too.  No need to spray the entire smaller pot since it will be covered by soil.


2.  Once dry, prop your pot up off the ground and lay a tarp underneath. I used a 5-gallon bucket under each pot.

Next, add some water to your paint to make it drippable. The Folk Art paint tends to be a bit thicker, so I had to add about a tablespoon of water to each bottle to get it the right pourable consistency. Shake well.


3.  Starting on the bottom edge of your pot, squeeze the paint onto the edge and then watch gravity do its job as the paint drizzles down the side.


4.  Continue layering paints one after another until you achieve the look you want keeping in mind the last color of paint will be the most noticeable when dry.

Collage pots

5.  Let it dry for a full two days. Once dry spray it with a clear sealer if it will be used outdoors.

6.  Next, add some bottles or other space fillers to your large dripped pot so you don’t have to waste so much soil.


7.  Add the smaller pot in the middle and then fill up your large pot with the soil making sure your smaller pot stays centered.

It would be a good idea to cover your small pot with plastic wrap while you do this so it doesn’t get dirty.


8.  Next plant your flowers. I planted white vincas and petunias but any flower or herb will do.


9.  Use some sort of filler for your small pot. I ripped up some foam core and then poured river stone on top of that.


10.  Then I added my battery-operated candle inside of a tall vase and positioned it on top of the stones; kind of wiggling it in there so it lays flat and buried in the stones a little bit. 

This will give it some hold.


I have them on my front porch lighting the way for evening guests. They are so pretty during the day and night. 

I can imagine doing this on a smaller scale for an outdoor evening wedding. The painted pots could reflect the colors of the wedding.



I don’t know what is prettier the pot or the flowers? You decide! 

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  1. Very cute. I really love the idea of the dripping paint…it is different and the colors you chose were great.

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