How to make decorative pumpkin shelves

I hope you have been enjoying the change of seasons.  Normally I hold on tight to summer but this year we had such an awesome summer of weather in Ohio I gladly welcomed fall. There is a beautiful tree across the street in hues of red that takes my breath away everything I look outside.  But the leaves are already starting to fall.  Why can’t fall be 6 months and then summer 6 months??? Anyway, this project is so simple to make with some pre-fabricated trio of wood circles available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  I made pumpkin shelves out of them but you could also turn them into apple shelves if you would rather.




orange craft paint

green craft paint

paint brush

3M Command Adhesive picture hanging strips

Hot glue gun

wood sticks from outside


1.  To begin, paint or stain the circles in the color of your choice.  I used Rust Oluem’s Early American and applied it with a lone sock.  Let it dry overnight.



2.  Paint the rim of the wood circles the color of your choice.  I opted to use a small bottle of craft paint but anything will do.  Optional: You can send the edges a little with sandpaper to distress it.


3.  I just went out into my backyard and grabbed some dead branches off some pine trees and then used my chopsaw to cut them to size.  I dry brushed on some green craft paint to make them look like the pumpkin stem.



4.  Since this won’t have hands touching it I just hot glued the branches in place.  You could also use wood glue for a stronger hold.


5.  These come with hangars on the back but since these are seasonal I didn’t want to pound nails into my wall so I removed those with a small screwdriver. I cut strips of 3M Command Picture hanging strips and adhered them to the back for temporary hanging.



Then I added a few pumpkins to the shelves for instant fall celebration.




All crafts carry mini pumpkins in all sorts of designs.  Add your seasonal decor to shelves and you have a great display for the fall months. 


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