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Let me tell you a secret…gallery walls used to scare me.  It seemed very intimidating to lay out a whole wall without looking too planned and symmetrical.  I was afraid of interspersing color and shapes.  However, after watching a ton of other bloggers tackle gallery walls I gained some confidence in trying it myself.  In fact, this is my third one in the last 4 months.  While I don’t know the rules for others, I try and add personality and things other than photos to my walls. I also try and bring in color and shapes. This works the best for me and gives my walls depth and dimension.


 I started with the huge anchor piece in the middle.  It was a custom piece of art a friend did as a thank you gift for me years ago.  I added the canvas to the Balboa frame from Cut It Out.  The frame itself is huge like 36†x 45†but it was cut to hold a 20†x 30†print.  It got a coat of Krylon’s Gold Metallic spray.


Next I added the small white shelf (Home Depot) with the marquee “K†on it.  You can find large marquees many places nowadays.  I got mine from a vendor at the Country Living Fair here in Columbus in the summer.  It is on a 3-hour timer and is perfect for her night light since it shuts off automatically. I painted the outside edge the mint color from the dresser I painted.  The small string art house next to it Kayla made.  I honestly didn’t think she had the fine motor skills to wrap the string but she proved me wrong.  When I was working on the “Home Sweet Home†string art she wanted to do it too so I drilled the holes and then she pounded the nails in and started stringing.  The two arrows (comes in a lot of 3) are from Painted Fox Treasures.  I sprayed them with Krylon’s Brushed Nickel and then sanded them a bit to reveal some of the paint underneath.


Next I was able to add some of Kayla’s artwork. This piece of art Kayla is most proud of.  She made it in her private art lessons she took in Indianapolis and absolutely loves it.  The color’s didn’t tie in perfectly but I did spray a frame Krylon’s flat black to tie in the chalkboard on the other side of the gallery wall.


I also had two brass filigree pictures frames I got for $.25 each at a yard sale.  I added pictures of her and Isaac to them and spray painted the frames Krylon’s Coral Isle to tie them together.  The embroidery hoop with fabric has no special meaning other than being circular shape to tie the chalkboard wood slice.


On the other side I took an old frame I had and painted it the mint color from the dresser and then spray painted the mats in Krylon’s Coral Isle (thinner inner mat) and Rustoleum’s Sweet Pea (outer mat).  The print itself is from Etsy Artist Little Emma’s Flowers.  I paid $3.50 for it on sale and then printed it at Sam’s Club.  That quote is SO TRUE of my little spitfire of a daughter.


Under that is another of the arrows from Painted Fox Treasures.  You can see the details a bit better in the close up picture above.

The “You are my Sunshine†print I also got from an artist at the Country Living Fair this past summer.  I framed it in a 16†x 20†IKEA Ribba frame.  I used to sing this song to Kayla all the time when she was a baby.


The chalkboard wood slice I made a few months back and wanted to add a circle shape in the midst of all the rectangles.


And there you have it…





Custom, meaningful, colorful, personal, fun and totally MY DAUGHTER!

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  1. It’s lovely! And no, it all the colors don’t go together, but that’s the beauty of it – it all matches anyway, because it’s what your daughter would like…and if she loves it, it matches!
    This has got me thinking, though…I have a wall of “decorations”…I should rearrange it to give it more of a “gallery” effect. 😀

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