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I got this hideous brass lamp out of a dumpster.   Don’t worry I did not climb into the dumpster to retrieve it.   It was just sitting on the the top begging me to take it.   I don’t really know why I took it home.   It must be a weird Roadkill Rescue sickness. I am guessing in my head I thought it was too good to pass up and I could use the electrical wiring to rewire a new lamp someday.   But that day never came.   Fast forward a year and now I am in need of a lamp for the new coral and gray guest room I have been working on. Hello brass lamp!

brass lamp makeover

To be honest I wasn’t even sure if spray paint would make this look any better.   But I figured it was worth a try.


Rustoleum Clean Metal Spray Primer

Krylon Gloss Spray Paint in Coral Isle

3M Painters Tape

3M Sanding Sponge

1.   I washed the lamp really well to get the grime off of it and then I sanded it down with my sanding sponge.   I taped off the cord and socket.

2.   Since the brass is a metal I figured it would be better to use metal primer spray paint followed by a few light coats of the Coral Isle spray paint.

coral lamp

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it with the 80’s cut outs in the glass ball but once I got a new lampshade I was confident it would find its place in my home.   I purchased a medium drum shade at Target for $15 that was cream but had a little khaki stitching running through it.

coral lamp (12)

The Coral Isle spray paint matched the coral accents in my guest bedroom perfectly tying together the pillow and pillowcases.

coral bedroom

coral lamp (12)

coral lamp (10)

This room is slowly coming together.

1. Hang curtain rod and find curtains for the room.

2. Get a lamp.

3. Find a coral throw to go over a chair in the room

4. Find a long wood dresser for the room

5. Replace the headboard either with a wood one or upholstered one.

6. Decorate the walls

7. Find a few small accessories for the nightstand and table

Click here to view more of the before and afters of this room:

Molding Wall and Gray Walls


Shirt to Pillow

Dyed Ruffled Pillows

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  1. I really like the coral. It’s very fresh. My personal preference would’ve been to leave the glass clear and sparkly.

  2. It looks very pretty and modern with the coral color. I am old school and like brass and thought it was pretty before! The great thing about spray paint is that if you get tired of coral, a few squirts of spray paint later, you have a different color to enjoy.

  3. Terrific makeover! I would have never thought to spray right over the cut glass part, too. I just love what a little spray paint can do! Love the new shade, too! Thanks for sharing.

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