green chair makeover
Hey, hey y’all   – it’s Carmel from Our Fifth House and I’m back today with another furniture makeover a’la spray paint!  I heart spray paint in a major way!  The amazingness of its super fast transformative power cannot be beat, and the cheapness factor isn’t half bad either.  I found this chair for $5 at my local Restore.  It was covered in 20,000 layers of dust just hoping someone would see its potential for greatness.  Old ugly furniture calls to me like a puppy at the pound.  I just can’t not bring it home.
spray painted chair
I gave it a good washing and then busted out Rust-Oleum’s green apple spray paint.
green apple spray paint
I gave it three coats  – sanding very lightly between each coat.  Then just for fun, I used my sample pot of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Provence (that I scored at the Haven Conference last summer), and gave it the cutest little blue feet you ever did see!  I gave the whole chair a good sanding to give it an old chippy paint look.  To finish it off and make it super easy to clean I sprayed a clear protective finish over it and called it done!
green chair makeover

I just love those blue feet so much!

green apple spray painted chair

This chair sits in my guest bedroom.  The room that I’ve been slowly decorating for over 3 years now – yes- 3 – I’m just awesome like that.

green chair
It’s the perfect spot to plop a purse or small duffle bag – which is so key for a guest room.  And for $5 plus the price of spray paint and an afternoon of work how can you go wrong?
guest room chair
You can find all the deets on this gallery wall here.
green chair with blue feet

And opposite the gallery wall is the bed with the door turned rope headboard I diy’d what seems like an eternity ago.  Find the tutorial here.

guest bedroom

Slowly but surely, this room is getting the love it deserves.  Come follow Our Fifth House to see how that buffet turned dresser (under the gallery wall above) is quite fabulously storing all of my craft supplies and guest room essentials!  I’m sharing all those details next week!

Do you take forever and a day to decorate spaces in your home?  Have you added blue feet to any chairs lately?  I swear blue painted feet are the next big thing – you heard it here first people!  😉

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  1. super sweet! i love the colors & you’re right … the blue feet! … my daughter loves horses so the pillow is a perfect project for her to work on while i spray paint her chair 🙂 thanks for the inspiration & for sharing! ♥

  2. Do I take forever and a day? Let’s see……I have a wonderful piece of plywood that I found on the side of the road already framed that I have been planning to turn into a headboard for about a year and a half. Last week I finally found suitable material at JoAnn’s marked down incredibly and bought all I needed for $12. Maybe I’ll get to that sometime soon…..
    And lots more projects crying for attention.

  3. My favorite thing about this post? The purses hanging on the wall! I love, love, love this idea! I’m now going to be on the lookout for some cool hooks to duplicate this look.

    Oh, and I dig the feet on the chair! 🙂

  4. Yes I take forever to decorate my home! We just moved into a new house in February & I still have lots of bare walls lol. For me, I have to get a “feel” for the space before I just start throwing things on the wall. Sometimes what worked before, no longer fits anywhere in your decor. Of course it’s hard to explain that to my hubby & kids!

  5. Great chair! From where did you find the horse print fabric for the chair pillow? Have several family members that would be perfect for.

  6. The pillow was a HomeGoods find – not a diy project. If you can’t find a similar fabric you could always make some with a horse stencil and fabric paint!

  7. What a cute chair! I’m curious as to if you sanded the surface before you started painting? I have a large wooden desk that I plan to repaint, and the surface looks smooth and shiny like that of your chair. Does the paint really just stick, or will it drip down? Do I have to sand the finish off first?

  8. Hey Lizz,
    You can follow the link in the post to Carmel’s site Our Fifth House and ask her directly about her chair since this was a contributing post on my site. Thanks for reading!

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