can my resin art crack

As a resin crafter, you know that one slight slip-up can make all of your hard work go to waste. Spilling or dropping your precious piece isn’t the only way for it to be ruined – sometimes it’s something as small and seemingly insignificant as not keeping the temperature controlled, incorrect measurements, and even extended curing times that can cause an undesired result. So, can resin art break?

Though it is very durable in comparisons to traditional media like paint or pastels, sometimes applied pressure and severe temperature changes can cause resin art to crack. If you take extra precautions, like avoiding direct sunlight and extreme heat sources, your resin artwork should remain intact.

Why Is My Resin Art Bendy

While mastering resin art takes time and practice, there are some precautions you can take in order to prevent any disastrous outcomes when crafting with resin. In this post, we’ll share our top tips on how you can keep your projects safe from breakage (and other blunders)!

Can Resin Crack When Dropped?

Yes, the resin can crack or break when dropped because it is a brittle material that contains some elastic properties, but not enough to absorb the shock and stress of a sudden impact. The thickness of the resin layer, the type of resin being used, and the surface it is applied to will all affect how likely it is for a drop to cause cracking or breaking.

Thicker layers of resin are more likely to crack or break upon impact due to their greater mass and lower ability to absorb the shock. On the other hand, resins with more flexible or elastic polymers may be less prone to cracking or breaking when dropped as they can better absorb some of the shock and stress. 

The force of the impact and any sharp edges on the surface where it lands can also contribute to cracking or breaking in resin. If there are sharp edges present on a hard surface where the item was dropped, then there is an increased chance that these sharp edges will cause devastating forces on contact, which can lead to shattering or cracking in even thicker layers of resin.

Similarly, if an extremely heavy object was dropped from a significant height onto a softer surface, then again, there could still be significant amounts of energy transferred through the impact, which may be too much for even elastic resins with thicker layers.

In general, however, most drops will not be powerful enough to cause damage in most types of resin unless it is especially thin or has been otherwise weakened by age or wear and tear.

Geode Resin Art

How Do I Keep My Resin From Breaking?

It’s possible to prevent resin from breaking by following one of the techniques here – mixing in the right ratio, handling with care, allowing enough curing time, protecting resin from harsh temperatures, and protecting it from UV light.

In order to keep your resin art from breaking, it is important to handle it with care and keep it away from extreme temperatures. When applying the resin, be sure to mix and spread it out evenly, ensuring that no single area has a much higher concentration of the material than any other, as this can lead to an uneven surface that is more likely to crack or break under pressure.

Note: For the correct mixing ratio, it’s better to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additionally, make sure that you allow the resin enough time to cure fully before attempting to move or reposition the piece – if you move it before it’s had time to set completely, there is a chance that the physical force could cause cracking or fracturing.

It is also important to protect your resin artwork from UV light in order to prevent both physical damage and discoloration of the material. Keep your piece away from direct sunlight or strong fluorescent lights when possible – if these are unavoidable, consider investing in a UV-resistant coating for extra protection.

If storing your resin art for an extended period of time, make sure that it is placed in an airtight container away from any sources of heat or humidity. These steps should help minimize any potential stress on the materials over long periods of time and ensure that your art remains intact for years to come.


Is Epoxy Resin Breakable

Although it is more difficult than other materials because of its strength, Epoxies can be broken by physical forces like bending or twisting and by chemical means. Alternatively, factors like temperature fluctuations, low curing times, and the impact of falls can also result in the break of epoxy resins.

In order for the resin to be broken, however, a considerable amount of force beyond what normal use would cause must be done, usually in the form of either striking or pressing with a mechanical tool such as a hammer or mallet.

While epoxy resins are strong and reliable, they do eventually break down over time if exposed to excess heat or chemicals that degrade the resin. Understanding this durability can help you make better decisions about how you use epoxy in your projects.

How Long Can Resin Art Last

Resin art is a form of art that can last many years if cared for properly. Creators typically use epoxy resin to give their pieces dimension, color, and texture. When kept away from direct sunlight and other pollutants such as dust, resin art pieces can maintain their original appearance for years to come.

Resin has a unique ability to withstand intense temperature changes, which makes it ideal for creating ornaments and sculptures that last all year round. With proper maintenance and careful storage, a piece of resin art could potentially last for generations to come.

Do Resin Statues Break Easily

Resin statues are crafted with care and precision, working in harmony to easily replicate more intricate details than is possible with other materials. However, it’s important to note that the thin edges of the statues can be bent or snapped if handled roughly or without support.

The resins used are often strong and highly durable, making them less likely to break easily if handled with care. By taking the time to wrap them securely and give them adequate cushioning, one can ensure that their resin statues stay intact for years!


To prevent your resin art from breaking, it is important to be aware of the environment in which it will be placed. Extreme changes in temperature can cause cracking, so avoid displaying your artwork near windows or heating/cooling vents.

In addition, try to keep your artwork out of direct sunlight, as UV rays can also damage the resin over time. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy your resin art for many years to come!

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