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The moment is finally here. Our home office is complete! I created a His, Hers and Ours Desk area that only took a footprint of 40″ off the room and created tons of work surface and storage for our family. This room gets used every day so it was important that it was functional, had lots of storage and could work for our entire family. This is a semi-handmade build with the bones being the wonderfully designed and functional IKEA furniture.

home office redo picture, his space her space and space for kids

So the staple piece of the room started with a centered 4 cube x 4 cube KALLAX unit that I anchored to the wall with the enclosed hardware. That allowed me to then figure out how wide the desk area on either side of the KALLAX would be. It turned out to be 51″.

IKEA kallax office
IKEA kallax office


Then I also purchased an ALEX unit drawer and 2 ADILS leg for the his and her desk. The middle desk (the “ours” desk) also had 2 ADILS legs. So the crux of the purchase is $391 plus tax.

IKEA ALEX storage
IKEA ALEX storage


Next up were the desktops. IKEA has lots of great desktop solutions, especially if no cuts are involved. So check there first before you tackle the DIY if you wish. I chose to use plywood and 1″ x 2″ for the desk fronts for the his and her desk and plywood and 1″ x 3″ for the “ours” desk.  More details on that in another post.

I absolutely love the KALLAX units. They are so versatile and I have the 5 cube by 5 cube unit in our playroom. There are so many options for drawers, shelves, hanging organizers, wire baskets, wheels, doors, storage compartments, and even a wireless speaker that fits perfectly in one of the cubes.

I opted for two KALLAX drawer add-ons, 5 DRONA baskets, 5 KNIPSA baskets, 3 FJALLA magazine files, ENEBY bluetooth speaker, and the KVISSLE paper tray.  The options are endless and can be totally customized for your family.

IKEA kallaw drawers
IKEA kallaw drawers
IKEA magazine files
IKEA magazine files

The ALEX units are awesome.  I love the clean simple lines and the file folder drawer at the bottom on the units by the desks.

I ended up purchasing the larger ALEX unit to hold my printers and pencil sharpener on the other side of the room too. I am all about STORAGE and I love the long flat drawers.


The only thing I did was add some cute labeled library pulls to the fronts to give it more interest and also for labeling purposes so I don’t have to open all the drawers to figure out where something is.

Another super simple and inexpensive hack from IKEA is the amazing STODIS brackets.  Peeps they are only $.75!  They come in black, white or red, but the world is your oyster as far as color goes with spray paint. I opted to spray them gold and then added a wood top shelf to match the desktops.  However, if you don’t want to go the DIY route check out IKEA’s options there are a ton to choose from.


This space turned out better than I imagined in my head.  I so love when my whole family is in here doing their thing, even if we aren’t talking. The vibe of being all together in a space makes me happy.


I customized each space specific to the person. Here is my side of the desk. I have inspiring mantras, my personality types, a calendar, and just some cute things that bring me joy.

On the “his” side I decorated it with some sport memorabilia, the LEGO set of the U of Michigan stadium (that he completed solo during a Christmas break last year – giggle!), and bills and the checks to be cashed (he is the money guy in our home) and some books.


In the “our” space I have some cute poster pictures in barn wood frames I made of my kids when they were little, and their give, save, spend jars.  Also in the KALLAX drawers are their desk stuff like markers, crayons, pens and pencils.


I will break down the room with a full source list in another post. However, here is a quick room shot.



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