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Summertime is in full swing. The kids are enjoying their days in our pool and I’m enjoying the slower paced summer lifestyle.  However, that does mean I am in the kitchen more because kids are ALWAYS hungry. Summer means more play dates and because the weather is nice we’re outside all the time.  These items are my top must haves to help you enjoy your summer. 

Top must haves for the summer 2017


TerraShield Spray

I love TerraSheild bug spray because of its natural ingredients, so it’s safe for the whole family. I am the person that will be in a room and get bitten 100 times and no one else will get bitten at all.  I have tried tons of bug sprays over the years and this is the ONLY one I have ever used that 100% protects me! You can now purchase it in spray form already mixed with water or it comes in a 15mL bottle and can be dropped a drop at a time in a diffuser if you’re out on the deck. You can purchase it online here.

Foldable Backpack Ultra Lightweight Outdoor Waterproof Foldable Backpack

This compact backpack unfolds from a zippered pocket into a backpack. This is a must-have on every trip and awesome if you need to pack light for air travel too. It’s lightweight & durable. Keep one in your car for when you need to carry extra items and have one for traveling.  Avoid overweight charges, simply unfold from your luggage and use it as a carry-on for your excess baggage.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle  

I used to be a double insulated plastic cup with a straw girl.  But let me tell you stainless steel is where it is at to stay hydrated!  If you see me away from my home I have my keys, my phone, and my stainless steel water bottle. ALWAYS! I try and drink at least 75 ounces of water a day so having a water bottle handy at all times makes it easy to happen.  They keep your drinks cold for 9 hrs and come in a bunch of colors so you can give each child a different color. 


Cooling Towel  – 40″x12″

These amazing towels instantly cool you down by just soaking, wringing the water out and snapping. You can wear them on your head or around your neck. The cooling effect can last up to several hours and is easy to reactivate by repeating the same steps. The unique cooling system uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool. My son uses one while he is doing his sno-cone stand and is hot.


Kids Swim Goggles 

If you spend a lot of time as the pool you NEED THESE GOGGLES!  They have an anti-fog, mirror coating and have a latex free, easily adjustable strap. Kids can see clearly and THEY DON’T LEAK – Hallelujah! The best part is it comes with 3 different sized nose straps so you can snap them on for the size of your child’s head.  Also, they come with a free case to keep them from getting scratched.

Patriotic Inflatable Buffet Cooler

If you’re going to have a BBQ, this inflatable cooler will help keep your drinks and food chilled. It’s approximately 54″ x 28″ and has a stars and stripes pattern. It is nice because you can store it away easily when not in use rather than trying to find room for a big ole cooler.


Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer 

If you love pineapple, you must have this gadget.   I have had mine for 4 years and I have bought it for everyone of my family members. It is one of the hardest working tools in my kitchen during the summer. It makes perfectly shaped pineapple rings and retains the juice in the pineapple. What I like to do is cut the pineapple shell and put fruit dip in it.  It looks so adorable on a tablescape.  

Heavy Duty, Double Size Hammock with Quilted Fabric 

This is the hammock I have hanging underneath a pergola in my backyard.  I am on it EVERY DAY in the summer.  It is a super sun faded after 3 years (it faded into purple and lime stripes) but it still is in perfect chillaxin condition.  It is awesome to lay on and read and book and I have been known to cuddle my kids on it as well. This hammock is made with quilted fabric and has a detachable pillow. It is suitable for a 12 ft. hammock stand (sold separately). 135″ X 55″ overall length (75″ X 55″ bed length)

ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Let’s not forget ideas to keep the kids entertained on a rainy summer day. My daughter loves anything creative.  My craft studio is her favorite place to be on the planet.   She loves getting together with her friends and playing “hair salon”. This hair chalk can be applied to dry hair of any color and washes out easily with shampoo. The kit includes 5 washable hair chalk pens, 24 metallic beads, hair beading tool and 24 hair elastics and will keep the girls occupied for hours. For children 8 years of age and older.

10 Pack of Washable, Liquid Chalk Markers

Super bright, neon-colored liquid chalk markers can be used to draw on any non-porous surface such as glass, mirror, plastic, windows, vinyl, ceramic, metal, chalkboards, and glossy boards. The markers are odorless, nontoxic, and washable. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe the chalk away without any streaking, smuggling, or mess. They have a reversible tip which makes it easy to do both fine and bold work.  They are fun to let your kids use on sliding glass doors or windows.

These links are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I will make a small commission. But I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally love. I hope you enjoy the summer with your friends and family! 

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